Separate Utilities for Apts - On demand water heaters?

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Hi All, 

I am flipping a bungalow into a purpose-built two apartment home.  To allow for easy separation of utility costs, I'm installing dual HVAC systems, dual hydro panels, and pony meters on the water meter.  This forces me to have two utility rooms (one per unit) and affects my usable real estate inside the house.  Are on-demand water heaters a good investment?  They definitely free up space but what do they provide in terms of efficacy, maintenance hassles, etc... are they worth it??



At least where I live efficiency is irrelevant. My gas bill was about 38/mo and 32 of that was connection fee. So without realizing that I spent the extra $1k on a tankless system and it saves me about $3 per month. The extra space in my utility room is nice and it is attractive to buyers who think it'll save them money.

I have lived with 2 and found that they do save money. I'm spending the $$ on a current duplex build to save space but I know my end buyer will like the concept and will save $$ in the long term. Besides-I'm a tree hugger and it just feels good. 

We recently put tankless water heater into a rental duplex. The tenants are paying for their usage, so I'm not sure if there's been a savings for them or not. The main reason we opted for tankless was to maximize the space in a small utility room. We've only had it for about 6 months, and no issues so far.