co-ownership agreements without being on title or mortgage

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Has anyone entered into a deal with (trusted) partners whereby you will not be on title (nor mortgage) but instead use a co-ownership agreement to indicate ownership along with rules and responsibilities of each party? The idea would be to reduce your registered debt obligation when trying to finance another mortgage on your own later.

Any concerns with doing so?

Hi Mike, I currently have a partnership structured this way for the exact reasons you described. Not adding debt to my name, and more significantly, not being able to be approved for any more debt.

Some points from our ownership agreement are:

-Description of ownership structure ie. 50/50 and what funds that is applied to (equity, monthly cash flow, refinance etc)

-who is responsible for what with the property

-who is bringing what $$ to the deal

There are a few other things and more details to those points  but the final piece that should be considered is an agreed upon process and person for arbitration should the partnership not dissolve amicably at some point.

I have a positive history with the person who has graciously partnered with me. He is someone that is regarded well publicly and privately. I’m very fortunate.

I hope some of this helps, good luck!


Thanks for the replies!

In these cases, the 'owner' that is not going to be on title or the mortage wouldn't be on the purchase agreement either, correct?

Appreciate the info!