Sub Contractors - Calgary

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Hi Chris,

What kind of sub contractor are you looking for? Which trades do you need? I infer from your profile that you like to flip houses for a living - Are you looking for a contractor who can do this work?

(and Yes, I know someone who is spectacularly good at what they do)


Hi Ram, 

Yes I am looking all types of Subs but particularly someone who can carry out a flip on time and budget ( good references are always important too) Do you have some recommendations? 



JD Boyce  is someone I will recommend in a heartbeat. He has flipped a house previously and I believe you would like what you see.

He has done jobs for me and I have nothing but good things to day

He is on bigger pockets so I believe you should be able to reach out to him directly.

Good luck and reach out if you have any questions

Thanks Ram appreciate the recommendation. I will definitely look him up. Likewise if you are ever looking for any info reach out to see if I can help in any way. Nice these forums exist to be able to help one another. Cheers, Chris


He basically acted as my general contractor,  did or supervised all main floor renos - brand new kitchen & 2 baths, so cabinets, tiles, flooring,  fixtures, etc. He brought in sub-contractors for painting,  plumbing, electrical. We had some things I didn't account for so went over on budget & a week over on time. But otherwise was very well done. I'll send you his details privately.