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Hello Everyone,
My business partner and I have been working hard to put together a real estate meet up group in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island. We bring in monthly guest speakers from real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers and accountants to landlord BC, developers, and a variety of others! We also have great group discussions on the market, help each other with tenant issues, tips and advice as well as try and do some motivational work to keep everyone focused and positive! We are currently at 40 members and looking to expand that number each month! If you are interested please feel free to message me and I can add you to the email list so you can start getting involved! Looking forward to hearing from you! 

We are still hosting our monthly meet ups here in Victoria BC! We have an incredible group of people that are dedicated to improving their lives and sharing as much information as they can to help others get to financial freedom!

They are held on the THIRD Tuesday of every month and you can find information for them on our facebook page @thereinvestors

We are looking for interest in Courtenay, Comox, Campbell River and Parksville area to see if there is any interest for us to come host a real estate event in the area, If you are from there and would like to see an event put on there, please reach out to us!

 We are also now bringing the service online to serve more of Vancouver Island and others across BC. We will be having all of our service providers and experts teaching and training in the community to provide as much FREE value as we can to people who are eager to learn!

You can check that out here The REInvestors Online Community We are looking forward to helping more people north of the border have a platform to get connected on! 


Randy Molland :)

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