Building new house or Remodeling ?

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Hi there, I'm new on this forum and have been asking myself a few questions about the real estate market of BC. 

Me and my girlfriend have been looking into moving for 9months to british columbia ( We're from Quebec, CA ) since she has been offered many posts all around BC.  As for I, I'm a carpenter and i'm interested into building or renovating a house to make a little profit out of it.

That being said, I was wondering if it was a good idea considering we would be purchasing near June 2017 and selling around Marsh 2018. 

That is where I need your knowledge ; Should I buy a lot of about 0.3 acres and build from scratch on it, or should I buy a house that needs around 60% of repairs and sell it quick. ( I know it depends on the repair that the property needs ) 

We have about 60 000 of budget.

We have 9 months to repair and sell ( It can go up to a years or so without a problem )

We need your advices.

Thanks, Mike

Mike, this would depend on where your looking to relocate to in BC. Real estate in  the Vancouver area is very expensive. So it will depend on which city your looking at.