Anybody in the Interior/Kootenays?

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Welcome @Colin Girard

The central Okanagan is harder to cash flow nowadays plus the city of Kelowna has implemented tough byways against short term rentals so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Lake Country, Vernon and Kamloops would my next options in the region. (But honestly Edmonton and Calgary are currently the best bets) 



Hi @Colin Girard

Yes, I am a REIN member and believe their membership provides good value first year or two.

I am not sure now but I am in a monthly plan of 160.00 but ...  after going through all their videos, resources and other benefits becomes hard to justify it.

The best part is their annual ACRE meeting (in Vancouver, Calgary or Edmonton as far as the West Coast) but you could attend as a non member. If you live in a major city and could attend their monthly meetings and get together would make more sense but ..... I live in Kelowna and even when they have events here I am expected to pay like 50 bucks to attend.

I am about to cancel mine (it was a 17 month contract) and invest the same money in a specific coaching program or course.

Check the ones from Tilt (Jared Hope) .... that’s a non BS approach towards real estate 

Good luck ! 

Yes, investing in Castlegar intentionally since 2008. We have experience in single family and duplex, using the BRRR strategy. Currently, I'm actively looking for a multifamily property, with a preference for Nelson. I'm also learning about self storage, and keeping my eyes open for opportunity. Are you investing in the area?

@Stacey Jarratt I've been keeping my eyes open in Castlegar. I am also looking for a multifamily and have interest in a self storage and i've noticed first hand how difficult it is finding storage space around here. I currently have a rental apartment in Rossland.

Originally posted by @Devin Solberg :

Hi Colin, I'm just getting started, but I'm out in Cranbrook. I've done a couple live in flips, and looking to now purchase a buy and hold as well. Been looking at some options in Trail as well!

 Hey Devin. Nice work on the live in flips. I wish that was an option for me but I don't think the family would agree haha

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