Investment Property in Penticton

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Hi everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to buy an investment property with two other partners... It’s not. The place is a solid investment but one of the patenters went crazy and is being an unimaginable pain. The place is a duplex that has great cash flow and a cap rate of over 10% but it is a hassle to sell because of the partnership and I can’t work with him anymore. We are going to try and force a sale at under market value does anyone have any advice as far as options to sell directly to investors? If anyone has an idea please let me know. 

Sorry to hear that, partnerships can be fantastic or a nightmare. I've been thru both. But I'm in the market for something like that in the Okanagan. Not sure the boundaries of the forum rules in terms of making deals and connecting offline, but I'm open to explore options.

Hey Chris, the property is an older house that has had a whole new 2 bedroom unit added onto it. It was rented for $2900 a month. The place was updated by us worth new floors, granite countertops etc. It’s on Papineau street. On 5500 sq/f of land I believe I would have to double check that though.

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