Winnipeg BP real estate investors meet up

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Hi, to all BP members from Manitoba. I am relatively new to BP and trying to grow my , business, and learning as I go. I notice a lot of Manitoba members here, and wondered if there was interest in a Winnipeg/Manitoba meet up? I know there are several REI clubs in the city, but most do charge to be a member.

Informal meet up to exchange ideas and network?



Originally posted by @Akin Opoola :

Can we get to talk? I'm also in Winnipeg.

 That would be great. I think it would be good to get some local, like minded investors talking, and see what different experiences we can bring, and hopefully help each other out in achieving our RE goals.

Hey All,

I just moved to Winnipeg mid - September, so relatively new to the area. 

A local REI group in Winnipeg - Everyday Investors United Manitoba (you can find them on Facebook), holds a monthly networking meeting. I've attended only one so far and they seem to have a good network of folks who are established in the area. The meetings are free to attend. They do offer training at a price though...

They actually have a bus tour this weekend, where they plan to visit a couple of properties that currently been rehabbed. If you're interested heres the link to register - . I'll be there.


I would be interested in our little REI group gathering. It's always nice to meet new people, regardless if they're new or experienced.

@akin opoola

@Bolawa Fadoju

I'm not sure what to expect from the bus tour, but if this is your first time too, then I guess we're both in the same boat.  Looking forward to chit chatting with ya!

Hi it would be great to have a meeting.  I also looking for  a person to potentially look after a property (part time).  Please contact with where and when.     I also plan to buy another property soon.