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Good morning all,

I'm looking into buying an investment property in the Winnipeg area. I'd like to buy either a single family or a duplex. I live in Ontario and currently own a bungalow but I'd like to diversify out of the Ontario market. I was thinking about flying out later in the month to do some scouting.

I've got a few questions about the Winnipeg area and market.

- could someone reccomend a realtor? I'd like someone investment minded that has rental properties of their own.

- as a long distance investor, I'll need a property manager. Does anyone know of a good one in town?

- I've been browsing the MLS and see quite a few properties in the 150-175k range. Would these be in bad neighborhoods or can you get somewhere decent for this price range?

- rents seem to vary from 1200-1500 for a 3 bedroom house. Is this accurate?


Hi Jeff,

Most of the houses below 200k would be in a Class C neighbourhood, though there exceptions of course. What areas have you been looking in? And yes, typically you would rent a 3-br house for 1200-1500, depending on the quality and location.

I've been looking in all areas. 

However I've been told to avoid:


Polo Park


North End

East Kildonan

As well as the area highlighted in the image below. Credit to a fellow member for sending that to me.

Are there any other area's I should avoid? What are peoples experiences with owning rental properties in class C neighbourhoods?

Have a good one!

Hey Jeff,

Any luck finding a property? 

I am a realtor/property manager in Winnipeg. I think Polo Park and some of East Kildonan are solid options.

Curious to see what if you have made any moves so far. 

- Tarik

@Randall Priebe

I ended up flying out to Winnipeg for the day last summer (I'm in the GTA). I drove by roughly 12 properties that I'd found on the MLS and there were about 3 that would be in neighbourhoods I'd consider buying in. Like many people have mentioned in other posts, I'd definitely avoid the "Red Zone" outlined in the map above. Winnipeg definitely has potential from what I saw in the short time I was there.

- Jeff

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