Starting out in Winnipeg

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Hi Dave, 

A little late on the reply. There are many local investors here in Winnipeg, not only on BP but lots that go to meetings around the city. Truly invested, Team made real estate to name a couple. 


@Dave Allen hey Dave just saw your post and see your looking into buying in the Winnipeg market. Have you got a house yet. I’m looking at Winnipeg right now and most of the cash flow properties rent to be in the north end. What’s your thought on that area. Would u buy there to rent out.

I’m from Vancouver area. Just interested in Winnipeg for the rental market.

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Hi Randall,

Honestly, as a winnipegger, I avoid the north end like the plague. Not to say there isn’t potential for making money, but these are definitely D class neighbourhoods. Local investors here have defined what’s called a ‘red zone’ where many property management companies won’t deal in. Surrounding that red zone is probably where the best opportunity lies.

If you’re looking for more information, I’m happy to help. 

I am also a fairly new investor living in Winnipeg. I bought my first rental house last fall and am looking to build on that soon. I have been curious about attending one of the Truely Invested or other real estate meetups in the city. 

Hi, also a new investor in Winnipeg. Trying to connect with some agents, and found out the searching engine of BP is somehow working funky :D still working on that, please let me know if you have any advice on getting a good real estate agent.

Hi Solomon, good to hear you are looking to invest in Winnipeg! Based on my experience Duplexes in the more desirable (A- to B) areas would likely cost around 450k, and might rent for 2800 per month plus utilities. A single 1000 square foot 3/2 single family house in similar areas would likely cost around 250k, and might rent for 1600 per month plus utilities.

Hey just writing on this thread as it people from Winnipeg. Looking to see who you guys are using for a property management there. I’ve own a place now for 10 months and been using pillar property but they have not been able to get one of the units rented out. In 10 months !!!!! Also they have not really provided much feedback. I’m from Vancouver so I depend on them pretty heavy.

So I’ll take any recommendations you guys got on PM.