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Let's discuss Jerry Norton's Powerflipper 3.0 with a finder's fee of $10,000 for any deal you find them.  I THINK IT'S A SCAM.  If anyone has had success of has had a deal accepted by them where they actually paid them the $10,000 finder fee... please reply to my discussion.  Of if you have ANYTHING to say about Jerry Norton's programs that others should be aware of, please feel free to share.  

@Lisa Fondant  

  plenty on the internet including his rebuttal video and pictures of his students holding up 8700 and 10,000 jumbo checks...

@Lisa Fondant , it looks like this program has inspired several threads right here on BP. Jerry Norton started out right in my backyard. He used to be a regular presenter at one of the local REIAs. I have spoken with him several times. There is no doubt that Jerry has made a lot of money. I would not invest with him nor buy his program.

I received a brochure inviting me to a Jerry Norton webinar for Thurs-Feb5-2015. I will attend and comment back here afterwards.The brochure is offerring $8700.00 payouts on lot flipping. Sometimes these types of deals require that you purchase a software to help search for lots,so we'll see.Most of the time,established people in industry are not going to come online and scam people,why would they ruin their own business in the offline arena? I will post back tommorrow after I get details of offer. 

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listened to webinar followup... requires 1k to participate,refundable on first deal.

John D: any update after the presentation?

I purchased/still going through tutorials, entering data and trying to learn the program.  So far, the lots I have picked are much higher priced than what would be acceptable in the program - still hunting!

@ Hazel Dawson from Ontario. 

Hello Hazel. Well it has been ten months since we heard from you in your progress with Jerry Nortons Power Flipper 3 x platform. I too saw his webinar and am curious... Is it everything Jerry claims? How many of your deals did he accept, close and pay you 10 grand for a finders fee? And are you still working his program with the 12 months of free coaching to at least get your $1000 deposit back? I hope you are blasting deals and collecting Jerrys checks! God Bless

I just watched Jerry Norton's Note Flipper webinar. Cost is $1000.  I am tired of the guru circuit.  I've spent way too much money on them and their promises over the past 20 years, and lost too much in the game.  Just made them rich.  I've never completed one RE deal.  I am currently in the process of getting a REAL RE License.

God Bless

Hello Monique Coates

I watched Jerry Nortons.Power Flipper 3 X two weeks ago and was very intrigued by his platform which he offers all training, software that he created to locate, analyze and estimate rehab, contracts for offers etc. Proof of his funds updated monthly.. Basically you find a good deal crunch numbers with his easy to use software submit deal to Jerry Norton and if it meets his criteria when he closes on the purchase he sends you a finders fee of $10k sounds easy enough. $1000 deposit required that is refunded on your first successful deal. Well I have searched all over the net for feedback on Jerrys integrity and program. He has a 'A' rating with the BBB. He also has quite a bit of neg. feedback from folks who never closed a deal by not meeting his criteria. One man reported successfully receiving a refund within 90 days. More than a few reported working his system getting paid the 10 grand finders fee and was excited to complete more deals. I have seen his students holding the checks in testimonials. Tonight I just watched a video called the Flipster promoting the same software only called something similar to the other programs using his proof of funds letter with his company logo and it is based around the same concept. In this video you do not see Jerry Nortons face like in his other videos only hear his voice. This one is offered for $1.00 for 15 day trial...Why does he offer so many programs for sale that are all closely related just called something different but similar? Are the people that give bad feedback on the reviews actually the lazy ones who sort of half commit themselves, put half *** effort in studying the material and submit half cocked deals to Jerrys buying team only to be rejected and when they dont make any money in 30-90 days just get angry and decide they will give a bad testimony on rip off report? I dont know. What I do know is that from what I HAVE FOUND OUT I am still a little on the fence with power flipper 3 x but I would rather spend the $1000 refundable deposit to turn this stone and fail at making money than not to have tried at all.. I am a realist and believe that if I execute each step of his platform fo locate properties that will be profitable and meet his criteria then I can expect that out of 50 to 100 submissions if one or two of my deals are accepted then that is $10,000-$20,000 per month then it was worth the effort to put in the work to make $20,000 per month. So I will most likely give this an honest try. Shen I do I will report back to yiu fine people my results.

@Rick Klingenstein Hi any updates on your progress? Thanks for the detailed reply above. I just watched the flipster webinar. I do like the software portion just concerned about paying for the "Pro" amount to have access to POF letters and "private funding." Definitely didn't know he was funding the deals and since there is no where that explains what the criteria is for funding, I'm a little weary of the program.

Hello Le Saundra,

To be honest with you I have not made the move as of yet. I have seen a post from a guy that broke down his criteria for properties above 200k and below 200k and the price he is willing to pay for "deals" is so low the owners would be practically giving them away like buying an owner out saving them from a foreclosure and his comp forcast is for a 1 mile radius not 5 or 10. So if you dont find him deals at 65% below fmv then he wont accept them. I think the software is useful but at the moment I dont have to have it.. Many years ago when foreclosures were the hot item and every idiot in town was getting rich from them till the bubble burst, I paid $180 for Carlton Sheets No money down deal course hardcopy books and cd's well I bought the house I was renting with 0 down. Collected a check for $22k at closing then sunk that money back into the house , lived in it for another 6 years and sold it for an $84,000 profit. Where am I going with this? I spent very little$$ for knowledge and made 84k Jerry wants 1000k refundable for his program and if he dont accept any deal I send his way then I am out a grand not to mention the cost of a new laptop ya know. I may still do this but Im not in a hurry to drop a grand. I hope this helps.  Rick K

Noteflipper is a complete scam.  They don't tell you when you sign up that the direct mail program is 3x what a normal direct mail company would charge.  The list company is 2x more than what they market it to be during their sales pitch.  Customer service is unresponsive.  Overall this a extremely deceptive!  Not to mention they market this as a "we will help you be successful" product yet every 5 minutes I'm sent a new email for some "Make a Million Dollars Overnight" deal.  It's beyond ridiculous and sad to see that this company is still in business. 

I, being new myself, was considering a GURU approach. I have looked at several programs. I was skeptical about each one. I have found a plethora of knowledge and assistance right here on BP. The education is practical and affordable. The tools that are offered are exceptionally useful and user friendly. After reading so many posts about GURUs....I decided to join BP and educate myself. I am working with a local guy now that is helping me find deals. I have located sources of possible funding for the deals that I find. When I came to BP I had no idea of where to even start. My wife and I are analyzing deals with the calculators to filter through the possibilities. I am learning "lingo", for me it is like a foreign language. In a nut shell, BP is helping me grow closer to my REI goals and its priced under 300 bucks. There are answers to questions that I didn't even know to ask. If you do your DUE DILIGENCE right here on BP I feel you will learn everything you need to know. Besides, this is where all the successful investors are!!

I think Rick Klingenstein is in with Jerry.  If he is so confident then he should show his results instead of promoting it without making his own commitment.  This is the bad side of real estate investing, the "gurus" are making the money of the people that are desperate to get into investing.

I am a new member and have been cruising through this site to get educated. I received a flier in the mail yesterday, Powerflipper. Upon starting my research by entering the site in my browser to see if it was legit, low and behold this conversation pop-up!  I am so thankful for BP because of this thread starting a year ago up into the past two months in the shredder this flier will go! 

I purchased his power flipper program and although I have been estactic to be able to have access to his Proof of funds letter and using the deal automated calculator I had never had to use any funding because of wholesaling only. But I recently submitted his POF to a realtor that told me that his lending company is a scam so its interesting that I saw this topic in my e-mail today. And she also e-mail me a topic about Peter Conti scam and MFG Capital Group. I need legitimate funding for my fix and flip deals with no BS. Do anyone have recommendations?

News Flash! If anyone finds a deal that meet the criteria Jerry is looking for then contact me and I will take it and pay you 10k and you wont even have to pay anything up front. I am sure there are plenty of cash buyers looking for deals at 65% ARV.

I agree with you Michael Notbohm   I never get any response with i send email regrading HELP from them... they never respond  nor does anyone ever answer the phones either...

However, I do like his software program... i just use his software and market to other buyers

Well I purchased the power flipper program during my research as a newbie getting into real estate and I will tell you that while there are some informative modules on there, the program is set up to limit you in the way you find and submit deals, thereby making it virtually impossible to make any money back. 

1. You have to find your deal through a realtor and get 5 comps for each deal which you submit into the "deal genie". We all know realtors don't work for free. I managed to find one but after 1 month, he quit on me, citing that the work load was too much for no pay, so it's back to the drawing board.

2. You only get one phone call from a "coach" who doesn't really answer any questions.

3. It doesn't give you the basics of wholesaling nor does it teach you anything about it. In fact every module is just about how to use his power flipper to submit deals.

4. You get a proof of funds letter, but most entities won't accept it because it doesn't show bank statements. It's just a letter saying that Jerry's company backs you financially.

5. There is no way to get your money back

I basically chucked it up to my "education costs" aka learning experience. I certainly learned very quickly to stay way from the "guru" types. Oh and of course I'm now getting phone calls and emails from Jerry and the "coach" asking me to join his "fast track" program. Which I'm assuming is similar to fortune builders where you are shelling out 20-40K for guidance. So that's a hard pass for me. I've certainly learned that you no one is going to teach you anything substantial in real estate. You have to seek it out yourself. A "guru" is never going to tell you his "secrets" because he doesn't want any competition.

I hope this helps

L purchased Jerry Norton program and I have not been able to get any deal accepted ,I submitted his POF letter to an agent and she claims that its fraudulent. I'm really concerned as I purchased his power flipper 3x program and still haven't been able to get deal approved.

i purchased the power flipper 3x and have not been able to get a deal approved. As the POF letter that he submit thru program doesn't seem to be legit. He wants you to get deal under contract before he will even consider paying you a finders fee. But when I submit his POF Letter to an realtor along with contract they say that letter is not legimitate and says that Jerry Norton and Carlton Sheets were known to scam many people who joined a few years back. So 6 months into program and I still haven't did a deal or got a finders fee because I can't get a deal under contract that is accepted

I attended the Jerry Norton Note Flipper webinar tonight that was promoted and evangelized through REICLUB.COM .  I agree with the comments here about the legitimacy of this program.  I'm also wondering what others thoughts are on the integrity of REICLUB to host and appear to endorse a program that is clearly a SCAM.  Is REICLUB also something to be wary of as well?

Originally posted by @Matt Neunlist :

I think Rick Klingenstein is in with Jerry.  If he is so confident then he should show his results instead of promoting it without making his own commitment.  This is the bad side of real estate investing, the "gurus" are making the money of the people that are desperate to get into investing.

Hey Matt, Rick Klingenstein here. I have to let you and everyone else here know that I am not "in" with Jerry Norton whatsoever. I watched his webinars several times, Googled the man, read everything I could find on Jerry and only posted what I had read on other sites and after discussing things with my wife we decided that good ol' Jerry was NOT gonna get our $1000 bucks. I could not find one person on BP or any other site but Jerrys that showed anyone saying they made any commissions from Jerry Nortons programs. I dont know what would give you the impression that I was promoting Jerry's *** but you are mistaking sir! Like the rest of the everyone here I had an interest in RE investing. 

This is what i was looking for when I joined BP was any info from anyone that had any experience with Jerry Norton and his programs. I figured that he was butt head scamming folks With his crap. I used to get a ton of email from him last year and one was announcing that his kid brother had died of cancer.. sad enough but the man was asking me for money for his brothers family.  Really Jerry?  I think you have enough money to help your brothers family you don't need mine. Well I think we can sum it up.. Jerry Norton is a predator scam artist every body dont buy his garbage.