Why Negative Reviews about Your Company Can Be Good For Business

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Negative Reviews Can Be Good for Business!

I just came upon a fantastic article about Negative Reviews online and thought it appropriate to share with the readers of our Guru Review forum.

This article talks about why negative reviews can be good for business, and I advise anyone whose company has been reviewed (here or anywhere else online) to read the article.

The key is to be proactive and demonstrate your customer service by responding calmly and respectfully to any complaints about you or your company. Negative responses to criticisms are a fast way to damage your reputation . . .

Here are the highlights that stick out to me:
- It’s a chance to change the conversation.
- You get to show off your customer service.
- It gives you street cred.
- You get feedback you can act on.

Check it out and good luck!

Footnote: I've seen several gurus utilize this tactic here on BiggerPockets, and all have turned around some of the negative criticisms about them. Those who have elected to attack those people critiquing them have always ended up looking worse in the end.

Good point Josh, anyone who has ever called Meadicom should be aware of these issues, LOL! I can see this for the gurus....

Actually, sometimes if you get any call, even if it's negitive to begin with, it's an opportunity. For example, have a borrower call you learning that you are buying their loan...most are concerned, some are mad, but flip em with an offer to refinance them, they go away happy as a lark! You do too!

Your reputation is everything and therefore you should guard it with your life. What i've learned is all attention is good attention; no matter if it's good or bad. You just have to know how to direct it once you're getting it.

I watch rappers and entertainers use negative attention to drive album sales. I've paid attention to marketers who use people calling them a "scam", as a podium to show exactly what they're about.

Just take it in stride... Great point you make though Josh

One thing to avoid is carrying on an ongoing diatribe online. Explain how you value feedback and prompt them to contact you directly to resolve the situation without stating what your willing to do.

I tend to disagree with this. If I'm choosing between a company with no reviews, and one with a bad review (regardless of how well they handled the bad review) I'm not going to lean towards the badly reviewed company. At best, I'm neutral to both. There are certainly ways to make lemonade out of a bad review, but I disagree with the statement that negative reviews can be good for business. They are very very bad, and at best neutralized by how they are handled.

Positive reviews are good for business.

I think this is a really interesting subject considering Apples current situation.

If a person Apple has seen unlikeable in some way they could easily of changed their views of it...if not for the product some ppl could be intrigued that the Company backs its users & be willing to give Apple a try.  So far its been near 50%/50% supporting the security issues...with most people sticking to their guns.

What is there to dislike about a company caring about security of their users?  They didn't even sneeze or take a breath to make it clear their main reason is for the users?

Like Apple product/direction/history or not who wouldnt like to team/support such clear adherence to their beliefs in giving the people what they want?  Typical Apple from start up till present IMHO.  WINNERS!!

...an other point is ya sometimes bad service or products (speaking non-Apple) can make a person not go back..but if there is one waiter at a restaurant trying their best or a cook or anyone else trying their best do they deserve a shot?

...its difficult to walk on the beach along the waves following an others persons steps exactly... let alone to just put ones self in an others shoes.

Word of mouth is key these days as it will often times be the only thing which will separate you from the good, the bad, and the ugly; to be chosen as the firm/realtor that someone goes with due to your reputation online AND in-person. 

Beware, If you have bad reviews, you may see more than just your ratings plummet, your sales may not be far behind. Whether you're a Real Estate School, Licensed Real Estate Professional, or Investor, your reputation is everything.

Consumers read your reviews because they want to know if you can be trusted. Online reviews are the digital "word of mouth" providing presold, warm leads. 92% of consumers read online reviews and 40% form an opinion after reading just 1-3 reviews. If there's an issue, I'm likely to take a loss and make the client/customer happy before I'll prove I'm right to win the battle....only to lose the war.

I agree that bad reviews are bad for your business.  If I read one, I read it carefully to understand the complaint.  Sometimes, I can see that the customer just makes a plain negative review with no specifics, and I usually take those with a grain of salt.

And, sometimes, the business owner digs his heels in and makes a poor situation worse, based on their comments.