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Has anyone here dealt with Scott yancy/property brothers realestate program called yancy events? They took me for $13000.00 not counting the additional $3000 I had to pay for travel and lodging. I thought (because I have successfully flipped several homes and I am a licensed contractor) that I would be safe in investing my money, but I was repeatedly lied to and got sold a bunch of nothing. Has anyone else dealt with these people?

Hi valley,

What was the agreement that you had with them for the investment?? I have never heard of them but maybe someone on BP has.

@Valley Painting

When you say taken what specifically do you mean? can you put some context into your post

Hello. My brother and I got an invitation to attend a yancy event realestate course. We did, bought into their tax lien program after they told us that in Idaho the percentage is around 17%. WA, OR, and ID don't do tax liens like they sold us on. They told us that an additional $2000 would buy us a program called "proptrends" - we paid. What they failed to tell us is that we had to go to another seminar after we paid, sit through another 3 days, cough up another $10000 with our pledge to give them another $30000 for additional training (boots on the ground) supposedly in our town. With a promised trip to a buyers summit in Vegas (which was BS) and all of this with no money back guarantee. The whole thing is a great way to rid hopeful investors of their hard earned money. I'm not a young kid, I've paid my dues for 50 years, and never thought I could be con'd out of my money. I got played, and am just wondering if anyone else fell for this? I guess because I like the show "flipping vegas" and I am a house flipper as well, that I could trust Scott Yancy - as I said before - I got played. On a side note, they showed all of us how to raise our credit scores by lifting the limits on our credit cards - right before they dinged our cards...

I want to add that we were suppose to have access to $500,000 and a POF, a team of people at our disposal, and assorted other promises - like walking us through a couple of deals. When I approached them about all of their lying, I was apologized too, promised a refund and was told "it's not how they typically do business". A month later and they are now offering me a third of my money back. It makes me sick to my stomach too see how these property guru's are selling misinformation...

Cory you are far from alone. Been there and DID THAT!!!! Its a VERY expensive level one education. Did you ever get anything back from them? Of all the guru groups or packages out there I would say Yancy is offering the least and for the most money. Everything they offer is available for free right here on BP and other online sources. All the gurus offer one little bite of something great but it comes on a plated package with other stuff that can be VERY hard to swallow. I'm no blogger but I feel this is a topic worth chiming in on. These people need to be exposed for what they are

Yancey Real Estate Workshop: Is $40,000 for Mentorship and Training worth it


I did the Scott Yancy Training. 

Me before going: I would love to get into real estate I'll finish up college, pay off my student loans, and save for 10 year until I have cash to invest. 

Me after going: Holy buckets- there are SO MANY WAYS to get involved with real estate I knew nothing about ?!? 

Do I regret it?? Hard to say. I partnered with my best friend we paid 10k between us. Is 5k worth an eye opening experience? Perhaps. I do LOVE the prop trend software and use it a ton. And I do really like having a phone like to call with any and all my questions (and trust me, I'm getting my money worth on that one ) and to run deals past. 

Now knowing what I do  and having found bigger pockets...if I found this first I likely wouldn't have done it. But am I furious about 5k to give me the kick in the pants I needed and open my eyes? Nah. 

If I hadn't gone- gotten all "guru hyped' and put 5k in...I doubt I'd still be doing it. It's easy to give up when something is hard if you have no money holding you to it. Now I feel like I HAVE to succeed or then I'm the sucker. 

@Natalie Kolodij

  good honest feedback... paid mentorship in some form is the key to many's success. Those that can simply learn by reading a book or on line information will have I would think mixed results.. I know I personally need to be shown and like the class room setting more than just sitting in front of a computer or reading a book.. I never read any books personally I just got a RE licnese and did it. !!

yancy events just became visionary events.

Did this ever lead anywhere?

Were you able to get any type of refund from it? I will say that none of what I learned from them actually worked for me. I basically paid for something that led me here. 

Yes, sad to say, we have had dealings with the Yancey Events trainings.  We sold our soul in Denver CO beginning in June 2013 and of course we're now regretting it.  Fast forward to May, 2016, we're actively collecting information from others who have had the misfortune of investing with Yancey Events, with the intention of filing a class action suit.  If you or someone you know has been taken by the Yancey marketing fast talk, we want to know your story.  BP doesn't permit us to provide our email address here, but contact me directly through the BP marketplace. DO NOT INVEST WITH SCOTT YANCEY OR YANCEY EVENTS!  

thank you guys for sharing. I'm so glad BP exists. So much to learn right here on BP, for free.

Hmm, I'm not sure how I missed this post about 2 years ago at the height of my BP addiction. ;-)

I was googling one thing and this link popped up so I figured I'd check it out. I do recall being on the receiving end of many of Mr. Yancey's emails back in the years. I would receive emails from him regularly pitching one thing or another and much of it was pretty good advice - Webinars and whathaveyou pertaining to REI. I haven't paid anything besides attention to Scott's information. People learn differently - so long as they are learning is what's most important. Unfortunately the lesson learned by the OP was very pricey. Its quite tragic because good contractors are super hard to come by...in my region anyway. Hopefully this experience won't be paid forward in your profession. Sorry if I dug up bad memories...the post is somewhat dated.



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