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@Jon Klaus- Jon mentioned in a thread today asking why don't I write an updated version of my RE experiences in the last while. I have been jotting down various categories that I know I've discussed here on BP and in e-mails with various people that I could elaborate on.

I have quite a few categories already outlined but would like some more. I've done a lot of things lately and have discussed much with BP members. If you can think of something that nudged you or started a different train of thought for you, please feel free to mention it. If you want to remain private, e-mail me. If it is a subject that others could benefit from also, please post here.

I'm going to be spending a 37 night Cruise beginning Friday and this Book will be a big part of my spare time. I appreciate any memories or discussions we might have shared on BP, at the BP Summit a couple years ago or in person somewhere in the past.

I want to make this Book as meaningful and helpful as possible. As always, any proceeds generated will go to Alzheimers research.

Thanks in advance. Rich Weese

Disclosure: No product so I'm really not sure how to answer?

Just a quick thanks to those that e-mailed me with ideas. Any others? Rich

How about an audio version?

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