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Has / does anyone of the BP members or someone you know use / used it? Just wanted to get some opinions before I purchase the software. Its seems like a good buy that would assist REIs in all aspects of the business. I'm not a spokesperson or affiliate of them in any way but I stumbled across the website not long ago and upon inspection of the free version, I think it would be an asset for sure. I'm not as organized as I would like to be and this looks like it would help, nicely. What say you?



$200 for templates? I don't think it's going to help you with your goal of organizing your business. You would be better off determining what the gaps are in your business and seek out the templates for free online.

@Mary B. ..Most of those things you can do free or inexpensive. Network with others in your area. Also SBA and Score can offer classes and assistance to help your business get off the ground.(free or nominal) Also consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce. There are many small business owners to offer assistance and provide low cost services..

@Jordan Thibodeau I guess it depends on how often you have use for them in your business. The cost is tax deductible and not a bank breaker considering all that is entailed and what I'd spend on attorney fees. Not that I'm trying to replace my attorney. Thanks for the response.

@Rolanda Eldridge. I used to go to SCORE in the 90s and yes they along with SBA are good business resources, no doubt. I'm not interested in becoming a web designer or the likes of. The Chamber of Commerce has a $300 membership fee if I'm not mistaken, possibly more. Yet there is no question at some point I'll have to come out of pocket for certain business services. I'm thinking in terms of future business expansion, for buy & hold purposes, joint venture deals in various markets. I certainly appreciate your input.



@Mary B..ok, when I looked at the Box the template indicated starting, running and growing a business...I must have missed something in that quick glance...All those mentioned you can find thru networks with other RE investors(local meetings, BP, book, etc..)...Good luck!

@Rolanda Eldridge

I agree with Rolanda.

It's nice that we can write expenses off, but that's still cash that could be in your pocket, that's going to be spent for information you could get for free.

As far as organizing your business, what is your desired outcome? Are you trying to improve the organization of your administrative tasks? Are you trying to improve your housing acquisition systems? Are you starting a marketing program?

The more info you provide me with, I could recommend some excellent books for those areas.

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