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I like to know everyone's take on Flip2Freedom? I just downloaded an EBook from them and so far it looks interesting (yes it was free, lol), so I would like opinions please :) on the company.

@Richard Gaston I found the information in his free podcasts to be useful.

Personally, I wouldn't be forking over any $$$ but the free info is good.

@Joe Butcher Thanks, I am not to fond of signing up with Guru's. If I am going to spend tons of money on anything its going to be on the properties that I buy and work on. Guru's don't make people/Businesses money, inventories do. Granted I like getting information to get myself up and running. And when I hit the ground I am going to hit it running, lol....

Flip 2 Freedom has been discussed few times here on BP

Check this thread out

There are other flip 2 freedom threads that you can find with a quick forum search

Totally agree with @Joe Butcher , free information can be extremely useful.

I also prefer to put my $ into inventory like you @Richard Gaston .

Buy houses not Gurus!

@Zaid R. Thank you for the information. I am still new here and still learning about this wonderful site.

@Charles Morgan Wholesaling may be fine and good for some people (I am still trying to figure it out). I am old school, I think it better to Fix and Flip then sell for more profit (or less depending what the house closes at), but I would like to include a wholesaler on my team, someone who actually knows what they are doing when it comes to that, with actual numbers. That way when I go to a private lender I have the figures in hand, of course I am going to need a Real Estate Agent as well ;)

Sorry guys, am a bit dopey today. Walking son home from school the other day because he was a bit sick and some dumb a$& decided to run a red light, had to make sure son got to the curb, a bit painfully (he landed on his butt) but I got clipped by the vehicle. He stuck around long enough to make sure we were ok as well as everyone else but before the police got there he left, I am ok just bruised though but the doctors gave me some pain meds (Tylonol with Codene) and I just took a couple to ease the pain, still had to work last night, can't make any money staying at home lol.... But I do appreciate the feed back :) Thank you very much.

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