prop Trend software.... computer recommendations...

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hello all,

I recently received a copy of prop trend from a real estate workshop and wanted to find out if people who used this software had any suggestions more pertaining to the computer. Is it easy to utilize on a smaller screen? Do you wish you'd installed it on a computer with more memory etc.....

Any advice or things you've noticed would be great as I'm laptop shopping and want to be able to best utilize the software.



Hi, I see you're from the Seattle area. I am in Tacoma. I have Prop Trend fully loaded on my personal laptop so I can view all the details and have a better view of the area near by. This is a great tool to use for your business and prefer the full view on the laptop so I can easily change tabs from one search to another. Hope this helps. Best wishes to you.

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I haven't experienced too much problems with the program running slow. However, I do have a bigger memory drive for this laptop, so it is possible more memory is required to have a better experience with Prop Trend. It's an amazing software, especially the tab on finding cash buyers (hint hint :-)). By any chance Natalie, did you also attend the 3 day workshop in Bellevue about a week ago? Just wondering if we were at the same workshop to hear about Prop Trend.

ok, Jim was our presenter last weekend. It's a lot of information for three days but definitely makes sense after going through the training. Good luck with your future endeavors as a real estate investor. I BELIEVE THIS WORKS...with a little bit of WORK of course.

I also like that software a lot, and am also in the Tacoma area. Might be fun to chat sometime about what we are all looking for and see if we are able to help each other in any way. The cash buyer tab is a great idea like Ailini mentioned! Also nice to research pre foreclosures too!

Justin, I 'd love to link up with you and possibly work together to eliminate excess work. How long have you been an REI in Tacoma?

Marimar, I got the Prop Trend software from a seminar along with others tools and workshops to help us with our investments. My husband and I paid 2K for the workshops and the materials. I heard from a colleague that they signed up and made installment payments for Prop Trend. Not quite sure what they paid for it.

i life in Tacoma now too.

I think I know the seminar you're talking about and I'll be honest, I've never tried the software but from my experience this types of programs are outdated, inaccurate or just unhelpful.

Not saying the one you purchased is not good, it might be the best thing ever!

But having said that, I still think going to the property records office and looking it up for yourself and networking with other investors, contractors and bird dogs is the best and most proven way to be successful in real estate and its FREE.

I've seen a lot of seminars come and go all saying they have a magic bullet or secret formula that will automatically throw money at you, all you have to do is click a button on your computer.

I haven't found that magic bullet yet.

What I have found is 90 percent of the people who buy these courses and programs never do anything with it and another 5% folds at the first or second "no" from a seller.

I believe being successful in real estate takes two things persistence and patience.

Persistence to keep picking up the phone and patience to know you may talk to 50 people before you get a yes but it'll come. Someone is going to say yes if not to you then to someone who kept calling until they found that person.

Just my opinion.

I just googled PropTrend and it shows up on a ton of scam reports as it seems like it is often being sold by "gurus" as part of a very expensive and worthless package. One complaint that I read stated that some of the data that program pulls is outdated as well.

Just some food for thought before you spend anything on PropTrend or any other software that might not be worthwhile. In my opinion there is plenty of free information and data out there that provides more than enough deals for me.