Anyone have experience with the Lee Honish Product called "The Monster"

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I would like to know if anyone has worked with "The Monster Marketing System"? Supposedly you can get "automated homeowner appointments" with this product.

Excerpt from the website:

The quick explanation of the Monster marketing system is this; you identify 18 properties that you would like to "target", they can be any property with an identifiable public data source (expired, NOD, tax lien, FSBO, etc.).

Once you have identified the properties you (or a team member) simply place the marketing piece at the property. No knocking, no meeting the homeowner, just dropping off the piece and going to the next house.

By design, the marketing piece prompts the homeowner to call for more information. The call will go to a call center via a toll free number that has been assigned specifically to you. The live operators at the call center (who have been trained on this system) will collect the homeowners' information and set an appointment for you to go meet with them and deliver more information regarding their home.

The Monster marketing system provides you with the 1) the marketing piece to deliver to the homes 2) Referral to the call center 3) information to bring with you to the appointment 4) weekly training via group webinar 5) one hour one-on-one training call to get you started 6) a follow up campaign to help turn initial appointments into listings.

The system has a 100% guarantee to get you face to face!

Are the homeowners you are targeting motivated to sell? Seems like it could be a waste of time if there is not a motivation to sell or even sell at a discount.

Rip off and no 100% money back guarantee.  Don'y buy it.  Check out

Updated almost 2 years ago

Communication error on my part. Refund has been issued. Great program but have to give it more than 30 days.

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