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Can someone recommend a great course on raising private money?

@Karma Senge

I cannot recommend one. What I do recommend is that you stay away from any course that charges you to tell you that kind of "free information".

BP has several posts on how to raise private money.

1. Most people who have money that are willing to lend it most likely know and have a relationship with the person they are lending to. Do you have that?

2. Do you have the experience necessary in order for a person to trust you with their money?

3. Do you have a business plan that details what you will do with the money and most importantly how they will get their money back plus whatever you decide in terms of interest or split profits.

4. Related to experience, do people know who you are, and have you made an impression on someone that would encourage them to support you in your endeavors?

In my opinion if you are well established, deliver a great product, and operate responsibly and ethically, then the next step is network with people; talk about what you do and put it out there that you are looking for funding. Depeding on who you are talking to the conversation will be different, but in the end it is going to be about why should I trust you with my money.

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