Need Opinion on the Justin Wilmot 10 Hour Wholesaling course

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I recently came across an invitation to purchase Justin Wilmot's 10 Hour Wholesaling course....granted it is extremely inexpensive compared to what coaches at my local REIA are asking...but I just wanted some feedback to see if it's something that I should consider. I'm a newbie and still trying to gather information regarding this business.


Welcome to BP. I have no clue regarding the product of your "invitation to purchase", but the forums here contain a lot of free information about REI, including Wholesaling. I'd spend 10 hours here first, then re-assess if you want to pay for the course.

@Renee Green I also came across his program and decided to try out the 7 day trial where I pat only 7 now then the remaining 60 if I decided after the 7th day that I like the program. I signed up yesterday and upon check out it brought me to a blank page. I did not receive the course info yet and emailed support and Justin today to have them send it to my email. I am going to try it out (If I ever get the course sent to me) and I could keep you posted on if it is something worth trying. I figured it would work for me because at the moment transportation is limited and I am currently in school and have another job. So we will see if this is a great match.

@Jason Perez Yes! I did receive the course and it was extremely informative. Justin does a great job breaking everything down and putting it in a way that makes the learning process less overwhelming. I have also corresponded with Justin a few times and he is so helpful, kind and carries himself with professionalism. So I definitely recommend the program and it is definitely not a scam. Sorry for the late reply but I hope this review helps everyone!

@Cyndi Morro Yes it is very helpful. I am actually still working with Justin and he is always available for any questions or concerns I have as far as deals and properties. I have ran into a few bumps and he has helped me. I will say it is not easy but it's also not as hard as it seems. The hardest thing for me personally is matching buyers with the properties I am sent. I have plenty of inventory. However, Justin is helping me solve this issue. I really like this because it gives me the ability to wholesale anywhere from any location. As long as you remain consistent and persistent then you will do fine in the program.

@Cyndi Morro it is hard to find a program that will be worth the money. I can say that so far I am happy with the program and the money was well spent. 

@Doug McLeod Absolutely! I will definitely keep your information in our buyers list and if I come across anything I will be sure to pass it on for you to review. 

@Sha'Niece G.  

I have no idea of who this is or the quality of the material, one thing stands out, that is the information seems to lead to hand holding in future opportunities, rather a self feeding machine to drive business through another "system" note gurus do this, teach the student how to deal through their business.

The other thing. is that any student in any subject can't really attest to the quality of what was taught unless there is some type of standardized testing at the end by some authority setting standards. What you can say is that you enjoyed the class, you might say you think it was helpful in certain respects. A student can't really pass judgment as to materials being correct or accurate without further validation.

You can certainly be taught something that is incorrect, if you're not aware of it being bad advice, you're likely to continue with that advice for sometime before you have other revelations about the topic.

This is pretty much why schools are accredited through authoritative boards having expertise in the subject taught.

I have no issue with anyone teaching what they MIGHT know and charging reasonable fees, I do have a bit of an issue with those teaching something then claiming it's the RIGHT way when that claim can not be verified or be relied upon in light of the experience and education of that instructor. Doing deals in RE is not a qualifying matter as to the quality of education. Someone who has done 500 contracts for deeds could teach how they did them, that doesn't speak to the legal, marketable or reproducible nature of what is taught.

As time goes on, my bet is that you will become more aware of aspects that were taught and find that such may not be the best advice, a pretty good bet considering that most guru types aren't that qualified.

If you think an instructor might be able to walk into some accredited college or university next semester and teach that subject in the business department, they may be qualified, if not, they really lack the expected standards adopted in this country in teaching some business aspect.

The fees charged are no indication of quality, the old saying that you get what you pay for is often misrepresented as charging a high price gives false assumptions to the consumer.

The best way to judge the quality of materials on this subject would be to describe what was taught for comment. I understand that gurus also strike fear in the hearts of students as to their materials being proprietary and secret, this is pretty much hog wash as they don't want what the teach to be made public, they lose money and their information is then subject to scrutiny, neither are areas they want to go into.

There are no secrets in real estate, so going over basic approaches to any strategy is not a protected proprietary matter.

These comments really apply to all materials, not just to you or this program, don't take offense, but those who might be endorsing some method in RE may not know what they don't know. :)    

Ms. G I understand and agree with your last comment on 10/16, but I have some specific questions that I would like you to answer.     This may help others as well.   However, I understand that I need to keep in mind that we may have different skill sets and therefore, it could be good for you and not necessarily work for me.    Here are my questions:

Did you make any money with the system?   How long have you been doing it?  Is it difficult to get wholesalers to agree to split fee with you?  How difficult is it to find cash buyers.   

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I received a invite today, watched the video and sounds like a birddoging course. Where you match buyers with wholesalers who have properties under contract.

On the purchase page it says one time fee of $7.00 only no mention of any other money.

These type replies are of little use:

"have no clue regarding the product..."

"I have no idea of who this is or the quality of the material,..."

How about anybody who HAS DONE A DEAL using Justin's system?  That's what the poster is requesting...

Sha'Niece?  Renee?

Can you provide the forum any feedback after several months with it?



It does appear to be a 'birddogging' course except for the fact that to promote another's property one must have some $$$ in the game. Hence the wholesale agreement, which should be enforceable.  Appears to be wholesaling wholesalers' properties to your cash buyers.

One of the old time classic sayings was posted here...

"...the old saying that you get what you pay for.."

...applies to free advice on ANY forum...

The subject of this thread is Justin Wilmot's 10 hr. Wholesaling strategy...for $97, I think

I believe his method is to match up wholesalers anywhere with cash buyers and his 'students' split the profits with the wholesaler. Apparently he provides templates, sample agreements...etc.

So has anybody made any money with it?

That's the bottom line as far as validation.

Originally posted by @Bill Gulley :

If it's $10.00 it's too much, read here instead. Chances are good that you will get bad ideas at such events. :)

 "I have no idea of who this is or the quality of the material,..."

BP Pro  forum costs around $100/yr.

Hmmm...sounds like some posters have limited knowledge what they're posting about.  So reading posts on BP have to be taken with a grain of salt. I'd gladly PAY $100 for good guidance rather than get worthless guidance for free.

Still waiting for someone to post with knowledge of Justin Wilmot's 10 Hr. Wholesaling program.



the only guy who like to give comment is Bill G and his reviews is almost the same , stay here , read all day , learn from members, and of course discredit anything that walk outside bigger pocket.etc. do not listen to him , listen to your gut feeling evaluate comment from members who got something to say. I did listen to his video and I did learn something about finding wholesaler anywhere( for properties ) and he spoke about social media and how to find buyers anywhere, forms to protect your fee from the wholesalers, etc , he spoke about VA and training them via videos course that you are buying , and more.

by the way I have tried in the past to review here in bigger pockets many MAJOR gurus programs and the result always WE NEVER HEARD OF THEM , never good or bad comments.

if you could buy a single idea that works and help in establishing your business for $ 97.00 , wouldn't you pay for it?

Good luck

@Gamal Darwish

Gamal, I listed to the sales pitch too. I can tell you some things right off the bat. Two BP member claimed to buy the course and neither have responded when asked questions.

So the $97 answer is (as you know Gamal) 'Send a list of their properties to your buyer and split the profits 50/50 or Negotiate a Pat [sic] structure.'  "It's very easy" he says. Everyone else does all the work and he gets a check. Then he shows a bunch of cash. Time wise, more time is spent on the video showing physical cash than explaining the 'system'.

I'd contend it's not as easy as he claims. It's Classic. Pitch the dream.

BTW, lots of discussions on here about VAs. When you decide to buy the course, let us know how it turns out. One other comment I'll share... if you are in IL, FL, or OH be real careful with this 10 hour program thing because you may be violating these state stature (ORC for sure). Justin didn't mention that. Much discussion about that here on the much more thorough BP though.

well, I am still waiting as well about those two members.  We want to know if you got a deal or two with this program.  there is no wrong answer just Yes or Not.  we can use that as a reference, I have been wondering about this program for a month now and I will really like to know.

take care !!

Disclosure: Creator

@ALL. Thank you for your interest in the 10 Hour Wholesaler program. My course is accumulation of everything I have learned in the real estate space as a Wholesaler, Rehabber, Developer and Landlord over the last 6 years. I have boiled down what I believe to be one the most efficient ways to do deals in this current market.

As a fix & flip guy who depended on my relationships with the top REO brokers in my local markets for Inventory, we where spoiled with 2-5 deals hand delivered to me on a silver platter each month. Things have CHANGED. A new model was necessary.

What I have dubbed as "10 Hour Wholesaling" sparked from a deal I did from one of my members of the Flagler County Fl REIA that I operate. A 10HW is NOT a "Birddog" or getting in the middle of a deal to collect a fee. It IS an elegant mash up of traditional Wholesaling where we buy and sell other wholesalers Purchase and sale agreements as Principle in each deal to our investor buyers. Rather than direct to motivated sellers, in this model we depend on other wholesalers for inventory and spend the majority of our focus on NEW cash buyer, passive investors entering the market in order to bring real value to the marketplace.

I still wholesale traditionally, but on a much more virtual, hands off model that I cover in the training.

I hope this clears a few things up and again I thank you for your interest and conversation here.

BTW, This model may not be for everyone and that is perfectly OK, so if you don’t like the outline above, don’t buy it. There are thousand blogs and opinions here on BP from other seasoned (and not so seasoned) investors. However, if it makes sense to you then I invite you to join our community and learn 10HW way. Make it happen :-)

Justin Wilmot

Originally posted by @Tom Smith :
Originally posted by @Bill G.:

If it's $10.00 it's too much, read here instead. Chances are good that you will get bad ideas at such events. :)

 "I have no idea of who this is or the quality of the material,..."

BP Pro  forum costs around $100/yr.

Hmmm...sounds like some posters have limited knowledge what they're posting about.  So reading posts on BP have to be taken with a grain of salt. I'd gladly PAY $100 for good guidance rather than get worthless guidance for free.

Still waiting for someone to post with knowledge of Justin Wilmot's 10 Hr. Wholesaling program.

 Me too Tom Smith, I'm still waiting