Best real estate books?

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Anyone have any must read real estate books?

Millionaire real estate investor by Gary Keller and Confessions of a real estate entrepreneur are my two favorite!

Frank Gallinelli: Insider Secrets to Financing Your Real Estate Investments

Great book, although not a great title. It's quite comprehensive and not just about financing

Thanks guys on the tips!

Just read:

The Real Book of Real Estate - Robert Kiyosaki


Welcome to BP!! I am a big reader and think Donny hit it on the head, I have read most of those books and plan on reading the rest as general educational books. I have also been listening to the podcasts and a lot of guests have recommended E-Myth.

I really enjoyed the 4-Hour Work Week and The Art of The Deal, because they makes you think about the possibilities and the WHY when you are investing to earn a secondary source of income!

I would also recommend reading the Wealthy Barber or another traditional financial planning book like that because even though you have goals and plans for real estate investing/income it is important to recognize the need for traditional planning as well!!

Good Luck and if you have read any books that you would recommend please let me know!!


Not really a real estate book per say but I like multiple streams of income.

Two books that have had the biggest influence on my real estate career and financial goals:

Millionaire Real Estate Investor - Helped me shape my RE strategy.

Think and Grow Rich - Helped me get money minded.

Humorous and a bit cynical, but very practical is Andy Kane's "the Care and Feeding of Tenants".

I'm just finishing up

 'More Than Cash flow' The real risks & rewards of profitable Real Estate Investing..

  Its a different take on investing... More on the risks and mistakes she has faced in her career, followed by solutions..  

Both Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Deals on Wheels by Lonnie Scruggs had a profound impact on my success and career. Hope that helps!

I liked 

'Confessions of a real estate entrepreneur' by james rendall . It gives examples of deals and covers some commercial RE deals as well.

Although the book I am going to suggest is made specific to Canada (and most Biggerpockets users are American) I believe it still provides excellent insight on the key fundamentals that investors should pay attention to when assessing the direction/cycle the real estate market is headed. The book is called "Secrets of The Canadian Real Estate Cycle" by Don R. Campbell

I never see this book mentioned but it is definately one of the best if not the best real estate investing book.  It is Real Estate Finance and Investments by by William Brueggeman and Jeffrey Fisher.  It may be because it is more of a textbook then a "good read"  but it has the most information in one place.  There are reviews for the best real estate investing books at

Because I do alot of creative real estate, the best book I can recommend for solving real estate puzzles with creative solutions is

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@Anthony DiRico

I try to read at least 2 books a month about a year ago I started to write these 5 to 7 page documents about the books in case I ever wanted to go back and read the highlights. 

Here is a sample copy of about 3 pages of one.

I have about 15 or 20 of these. Let me know if you want to see some. Just PM me.

Invest in debt    by Jimmy Napier

Creating Wealth by Robert Allen.  Buy it, Rent it, Profit by Brian Chavis.

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