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Good evening All,

I am thinking of attending a real estate workshop.  Has anyone ever heard of? and if so, please advise.  Thank you.

@Bryan Hancock knows Phil Grove. 

If it's his 3 day work shop i'd say there's definitely some value, depending on your knowledge base it may be tremendously beneficial. If your more experienced you should still get a few good nuggets of info. I will say some of his strategies I would not recommend for new investors, he tends to teach buy and hold for appreciation, not cash flow, which is very controversial here, and needs to be done with care. As far as his program offerings, if your interested, wait until the very last day and it seems to be the best value. I haven't purchased his course so I can't say anything as far as quality/service/content, but if everything they give you works (websites, auto responder, CRM, Ect.) I'd say its worth it just from a time savings point. Keep in mind, you can have all the best tools in the world, if you don't understand your business or how to use them they'll just complicate things.

Phill is legitimate, but of late he had teetered on the guru line.  Overall I would recommend him and anything he teaches.  

So, Bryan, Phill is legit?  I have no knowledge about real estate but am intrigued by the video presentation.  Don't have money to invest in a system if there are upsells or additional costs.  Thanks.

Disclosure: Event Attendee

Seriously, I am very late here, but my mind is blown at this discussion. I'll respond for future readers. Everything that is offered in his ridiculously overpriced program is offered at reasonable prices elsewhere. I have yet to meet a millionaire who got there from Phill.

He is an excellent speaker and presenter. Definitely. But his program is a complete ripoff. A legitimate program should not cost more than ~$500. Everything else he offers, like an auto-responder etc., is easily found elsewhere on the internet and through talking to local investors at meetups.

His program is a sales funnel. Get you in for the low low price of $2500 or whatever, then upsell you for $10-20k. Rather than actually investing that money, because the individual is scared, they throw their money at someone who gets them pumped up because they feel like he'll make them successful.

Seriously, I've been to plenty of these events hoping to network and maybe learn something (especially a bit about sales pitches), and a lot of them have a very similar pitch. Let me ask you: would a legitimate investor need to pitch you on their program so hard? Or would a legitimate investor actually be out there investing? They make their money by ripping off naive, innocent people, not by actually being successful.

Here is my advice: get a real, local mentor, and attend local meetups (which are free or nearly). Find someone who has done it, and is doing it. Ask them questions, meet them at properties, watch them do their thing and ask questions. These guru programs are full of sleazy salesmen, not investors. You should have seen Phill's wife's face when I asked of her opinion about my company, and started trying to have an actual discussion with her. It's like all that confidence and "intelligence" she presented up front just went in the tank in about 30 seconds.

Nonetheless, I did get a picture with Phill on the last day.

I've been to a couple of Phill Grove's REI meetings in Austin. He's definitely a very knowledgeable and successful investor, however, his style is a bit of a turnoff for me personally.

Phill comes off as the Rex Kwon Do of real estate investing. At the beginning of each meeting he spends 15 minutes telling everyone how successful he is, "You see this beautiful property? That's my $4 million home! Do you think anyone drives by and thinks, wow, what a loser? FORGET ABOUT IT!"

With that said, he does run the largest REI club in Austin with good networking opportunities. Phill and his wife seem like good people, but I have to agree with Greg Carr: Everything that is offered in his ridiculously overpriced program is offered at reasonable prices elsewhere.

I've been to the 3 day. Paid $100 for it and it was definitely worth that.  I know one person who paid 10K for one of his programs and was disappointed (this person was a dental assistant who really had no clue what she was getting into). But the 3 day for $100 is definitely worth it, I would say even for experienced investors.  The content is good.  Constant sales pitch does get pretty annoying.  I will say I have met some people who are glad they spent the 10K to join his program because of the network they get to tap into.  But yeah man content is good, just be aware it's a giant sales pitch/funnel into different mentorships with higher fee's. The mentorships are mainly online modules.  

I'll chime in here. I heard about Phill from a radio spot to come to the REIA Club in Dallas for free. They have these twice a month and your first time is free, they have a sales pitch at the beginning where they give info and say if you want more come to the big live 3 day event. You get the 3 day event with a REIA 1 year membership that costs $100.00. It is an exceptional value! The 3 day event was fantastic and very, very helpful. He gives detailed strategies, step by step instructions and opens up ideas for how to invest successfully. The 3 days event was NOT a sales pitch event. It was 95% valuable content and 5% sales pitch. He clearly carves out the sales pitch, says it once and never comes back to it again. If you are interested, you meet with his team for further information and they explain all the various mentoring levels available. It was one of the best educational events I've ever attended, and the sales pitching was minimal. I can't speak to the add-on coaching as I didn't sign up for any of that.

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