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I just listened to a Cameron Dunlop webinar with Lee Arnold.  I am a private lender, and have quite a bit of money to invest with, however, looking into another avenue and cash reserve is interesting.  They are selling Lee Arnold products to connect with his source of cash for lending.  Has anyone done business with them.  Thank you for any input!


Check out this link. It's an old thread on Lee Arnold. After reading it I can't tell whether he's legit or not. Cam Dunlap is legit but makes a lot of money pimping other guru's products and you have to trust that he did his due diligence.


Darn it! It seems like my link goes nowhere. Do a search here on BP for Lee Arnold.

Hi Vince,

thanks for the info!

I had a deal with Cogo Capitol that fell through due to an idiot appraiser using comps on property 50 yrs older than mine. Cogo seemed solid, however it's almost like dealing with a bank as they want alot of documentation and they need 30 - 45 days to close. If you lend them money, they seem to make sure it's safe as they only lend 55% of what it appraises at.

I recently had a deal with Cogo Capital. I am a borrower, but they made sure I was vetted, if not by my less than perfect credit, than by my reserves, skin in the game and LTV. I flipped fast, made 20k and am currently working on my second flip. I talked with a 27 year old who made 35k on his first flip, and he too is on his second. There's a lot of money to be had as an investor (which I'm aspiring toward). They have different levels too, which boost your return. I recommend CoGo. I've had good returns and really like their employees.

Welcome Terry, I suggest you do some reading here on BP paying closer attention to the note threads and private lending threads. I don't know this company, I can't speak to them, but I can as to pooling money with other investors and accepting fractionalized security interests, not a good investment approach, in some states it's illegal on the street level, I understand it's allowed in Cali, being allowed isn't an assurance of it being a good idea.

Welcome Todd, is that the company Terry inquired about? And, really, with key word alerts running rampant on the internet, first time posters endorsing some guru or product is taken with a pound of salt here, not just a grain.

This forum section is full of threads with new members posting endorsements.

Terry, what was the spiel, what's the deal, what were they selling, what's the angle, what horse are they riding........? Okay, I'll stop, knowing what would be going on will point us to the due diligence measures to protect your money, dealing with brokers. :)

I am looking into investing in Lee Arnold's Inner Circle.  Has anyone else had experience wirh this entity?

Sherry Scruggs,

Does anyone know anything about Cogo Capital , LLC- ISAOA? Are they legit?

Has anyone had any experience with them?  I am looking for a short term loan for a fix & flop. Any suggestions?  Thanks for you input.

So I bought into this system with as much as I had. I do not have 1000's of dollars to invest in more training. ESPECIALLY when what I have seen so far is awful to watch! Boring and so time consuming, I get one little nugget out of each session.

Now I have people calling me to invest more and He got so rude I hung up on him. IF I want to talk to a used car salesman I go to the used car lot!!!!!

Now I am trying to call in and get help, and the same thing - no help, just more rudeness talking to me like I'm a child. He at least told me that I need to look in my back office. Interesting didn't know anything about a back office. Yeah it is probably in that boring training some where but I need that to be one of the first things I learn.

I'm going to get a return for my money and I'll find my funding in the 100's of other spots that want my business. 

I think you could do better on a hard money loan somewhere else!  I am familiar with them and found that they are not that helpful.  Good luck,

Cogo doesnt pool money together. They are a lender anybody else. They have people who want to put money into realestate. What all hard money lenders do. If that was illegal all hard money lenders would be shut down. I am not affiliated with cogo but i hate when people comment without making any sense at all. 


So any new information on Lee Arnold's program? Or any other good program you guys have tried 

@Alanna Dunn I'm in the 3 day seminar in Charlotte NC this weekend and I will say I really like the speaker Mike Biglane. He's got a lot of knowledge about everything in RE. But they're mentoring is between 25-40k for a year. It does include 100% financing on deals up to 70% of the ARV. Some had negative comments about Cogo Capital (which is their lending part of the company). I was wondering if anybody had any success with the coaching/mentoring with Lee Arnold. I don't want to make a costly mistake.

My husband and I went to their free three day event but didn’t stay throughout. This is geared for absolute beginners in real estate investing and they weren’t sharing anything I didn’t already know. They put a lot of time and money into setting it up and they are looking for people to mentor and to sell loans to.  I’m looking for ways to grow our private lending and wanted to see how they do it and whether it would be worth getting involved with them. 

These guys may be just the cup of tea for a newbie needing mentoring. That will eventually cost you as does all education. Shop around before you go because you’ll have to decide on the spot.

I was also at the Phoenix 3 day event...it is a hard sell...the thing is they want to educate thru mentoring at a very pricey one on one cost...but you are to be guaranteed success with the one on one mentoring but need to fly around like to Salt Lake City and to Vegas...then the mentor will come to you...

As for the CoGo financing they want you to become a lender when you start making your millions...so I would assume that CoGo is previous Inner Circle People...????

They show you how to become a Broker for your deals...to make the Broker fees...

75% of ARV is what is typical to approve a loan... it is the down payment that is the troubling issue...and it is determined on points and interest rates...they say not credit score...but they will pull it to determine your credibility...if it is refused they do have a committee to review for majority vote, you just need to ask....

Which is kind of contradictory to their anyone can do this from any playing field...I do not believe this...it is unfair advantage to need 6k or 20k or 35k to secure your real estate future...yes it is probably worth it...but If you don't have that money and you cannot fly all over because of other obligations...then your out...???

This is what I have learned...I am not sure If I answered the question?

They also say you can learn it yourself thru certification home study and start teaching what you know...as a class...

I know where there are lots of vacant houses to rehab and want to get into the market but need the 100 % financing to start making money from the rehabs...If doing the lien abatements then CoGo finances 100% cuz they know for sure the deal is secured with the sale... This is exactly what I would like to go forward with.

Not sure it CoGo will let me unless I go thru the training so will need another private lender....?  with whatever the going interest rate is...even higher is ok to get funding...100%

I trained with RESPONSE and now LEE ARNOLD...they have their points...but I think Lee Arnold had more educational value than did RESPONSE...and RESPONSE is the Yancy deal with Affluent EDU

Of course you get your educational costs returned by both if you do the specific deals...in the specific time which I did for RESPONSE but do not see the funds being returned...continual asking and they will ignore you but happy to charge you just like Lee Arnold...only today you will get the special pricing...

When you push for the immediate sale and not let people think a day or two...that alone says something I am learning...!

Hope this was helpful to someone, now that I went rambling on...sorry...

I have had clients try to get loans through Cogo and they never materialized.. just sayin.

no mystery here there are 25 plus guru's out there selling the same stuff and same coaching its all interchangeable.

only you can make this work  @Carmen Severson   its you not the system.. real estate never changes.. 

buy low add value sell.. 100% financing for someone new is simply not attainable in most instances.

you can try Do Hardmoney they talk about 100% financing and its another Utah based company.. you either have to pay 3k up front for their materials or you don't have to pay anything.. some say you do some say you don't.  the owner of the company says you don't.. but others have sent me PM's that say that's not true.. so who knows.

the issue is with any 100% financing to a new investor finding the deal that works is the hard part.. many just will never get a deal that has enough equity spread as competition for the deals is keen by those who actually have money or funding in place.. that's the major issue.. finding the deals that work and have the necessary spread.. 

Thanks for your response...and your right...it is me that will make it work...

not the system...but your own ingenuity to finding the right deals...

Does anyone know about property how to obtain when they die and just sit vacant for many years?

I have heard so many variations...has anyone actually done a claim on those properties...

paying the taxes determines ownership, but other than that is there a process you can do without probate? just recording a document or something....after posting publicly...

Anyone know?  I have seen so many false documents to claim ownership and they fly...cuz the recorder isn't well versed in real estate and just records a document with specifics...

Would the title company know how to get the title if they are dead or just pay the tax and foreclose if no heirs have claimed it in 20 years...???? 

Thanks for any replies...

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