Tony Martinez/Asset Ventures LLC - Do Not Pay Investors Back

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Asset Ventures LLC and Tony Martinez advertise themselves as a note dealer and servicer company, established with the intention of facilitating the purchase and sale of Notes for Investors. Asset Ventures and Tony Martinez advertise on real estate investment sites and make presentations at real estate investment conferences in various states.

The problem is that Asset Ventures and Tony Martinez do not pay the investors back. 

Previously, I thought that, possibly, I was the only investor to whom Asset Ventures and Tony Martinez owed money. But recently, I saw complaints on the "Rip-off Reports" website where investors in Texas were experiencing the same problems with Asset Ventures and Tony Martinez (i.e., non-payment of notes and a series of untrue statements when questioned about payments due). Whatever you may think about the Rip-off Report website, what is important is that the same or similar complaints have now been posted by investors in 2 different states. 

See further details in my original post at:

I'd appreciate any suggestions that you may have regarding how to obtain payment from Asset Ventures and Tony Martinez on a note that is past due since April 30, 2013.

Please leave your comments and/or suggestions on my original/linked post shown above (rather than on this post).

Thanks in advance.

Update (11-14-15): the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) received several complaints from  investors about Asset Ventures and Tony Martinez. The BRE and the Department of Business Oversight conducted an investigation and the BRE advised that the complaints have been forwarded to the BRE's legal section for prosecution.

Also, based on a 9-10-15 email forwarded to me by an investor to whom Tony also owes money, apparently Tony has hired a lawyer to file a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The contact info for the lawyer is Michael R. Totaro, 310-573-0276, [email protected].

In the lawyer's email, he said to call him anytime for updated information. He also said to send your full names and emails and he will put you in the Asset Group.

sounds like a cram down and unfortuantly unless you can prove fraud.. a loss of funds invested. and if they are crooks then same thing probably no money to get but pleasure of seeing them prosecuted.. have to remember many who brokered Trust deeds lose money as they no not what they do

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