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Has anyone heard anything about this??

The one from John or is it  Mike Costigan?  I have it. It is for real estate agents looking to list REOs. It is a decent program. 

I'd like to find out if anyone has purchased REO Rockstars from Mike Costigan. He's pretty successful but wanted to see if anyone had personal success as an REO agent with his program. Thanks!

Preston ely is selling something named the same thing.  Wonder if they are just repackaging the same "education" package.

Any else?

I get solicitations from companies trying to sell me "training and certifications" that will supposedly get me reo listings all the time.  But understand a basic fact....reo volumes are about 10-20% now of what they were at the peak.  Banks have been slashing their number of reo agents for years.  Another example of late to the party.

I know this is an older thread but I'm in the process of going through the Preston Ely course. So far I've gone through module #1. Nothing earth shaking or ground breaking in it so far. Nothing you can't do here on BP. Thank goodness the online program was only $27!

Some more reality folks, in an area with large RE brokers you might consider their banking relationships with your local banks. They pump millions through the bank in escrows without interest, float operation and commission funds and those brokers have an open door to the management.

That usually means that the listings for bank properties get political and business like. That broker will usually designate a few top agents (as a reward) to list REOs. 

Being the number one REO agent in town has a lot more to do with relationships and performance as well as experience than any guru ploy of how to.

$27.00, you're lucky.

Good luck :)

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