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Can anyone give me some insight on the USREIA "U.S. Real Estate Investing Association". I just discovered them; and I like them. Not a R.E. Guru. I finished their free 5 lesson video training, which was great. They want almost $1,000 for the complete course. ... Now as Bigger Pockets says, most of the info the schools sell is for free somewhere on-line, and I have gotten enormous help from Bigger Pockets for free. Now USREIA impressed me so much, I am thinking about making the investment anyway ( since I have the money ) just to put the icing on my cake; so to speak. One of the big advantages I see is the Transaction Funding and Proof of Funds they offer. ... Comments please !

can't comment on whether the 1k is worth the icing on the cake.. however transactional funding and proof of funds letters are readily attainable especially in your area .. If its Oakland  or Alameda county were you want to focus your investing.

Just google hard money lenders ... they will provide proof of funds.

And there really is not much TRUE transactional funding going on these days.

Most HML if not all are going to want you to have some cash as well... Its pretty difficult these days to use none of your own money or if you don't have any money make deals happen... At least with experienced lenders.

Thanks Jay ... definitely  worth a vote.

Be careful of this fraudulent proof of fund letters you get from an HML or of the Internet because they have no money behind them; you can verify from an FDIC bank.

Joe Gore

@Joe Gore 

Joe makes a good point. I would only deal with a local HML that you can walk into their office meet them and talk through what you want to do.


I have taken the free 5 day training video as well. I was also impressed by the content given. I did call them to ask questions, and one thing I did not really like, was the fact that

they said they will not guarantee funding, and that is fine however they do not have any preferred funding sources that they would assist us with. I am still considering purchasing the training. 

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Thanks for the info Hugh. I was thinking since I am starting out Wholesaling, I might wait to join until I am ready to dome some rehabs ... then I could use their transactional funding and proof of funds. But now after reading the comments above from Joe and Jay; and now you ... I will probably pass. I have received so much education and guidance from BiggerPockets re: direct mail, website, sellers and buyers list, etc. in addition to to the fact that I am a broker and member of my local MLS. I think they offer a good product. Whether or not to purchase it, I believe depends on how much experience the purchaser has.

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