My Brief Experience w/ Brian Gibbons

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Hi All,

        Just for starters I'm fairly certain folks are going to come up the wood works here to defend his reputation and let others know how good of a Guru Mr. Gibbons is, which I'm not addressing, nor am I knocking his real estate knowledge. 

        I AM, however, addressing Mr. Gibbon's professionalism. I'm fairly certain, that I represent a small percentage of folks who are willing to publicly address there concerns. I think most folks would rather not spend there time addressing an issue like this. 

       So I actually booked a 30 min appointment with him initially, but saw his prices for coaching and I decided to CANCEL and confirmed my cancellation several hours ahead of time. Now, regardless of me cancelling I still get a phone call from Mr. Gibbon's stating who he is and him acknowledging that I cancelled the appointment.

          What I take issue with is upon him initially calling in he states "Whatever you have on in the background, could you cut it off because it's really annoying" I have Sesame Street playing in the background for my kids. I thought about hanging up right then and there and just assumed maybe there was a misunderstanding or he simply lacked insight for one reason or another. He's basically calling into MY home and didn't acknowledge that maybe there are kids in the house.

     I then go into a different room in which he ask about whether or not I make money in real estate, which I do and have--just not from a creative seller financing standpoint. Before we get into that, I directly address his condescending tone and lack of insight, I'm then cut off in which he mentions "I don't believe you make money in real estate" and proceeds to hang up the phone. 



Disclosure: I am Brian Gibbons

Hi @Darrell Shepherd  

I am very sorry you feel this way. 

I found YOUR attitude condescending also.  You had the TV on sooooo loud I could not hear anything at all, and you did not apologize for it.

You set a time on my scheduler and cancelled at the last second.  I found that rude.

Do we both get off on the wrong foot?  Who knows.

I do wish you the best in your real estate success.

You can read for free

Best wishes to you.


Disclosure: Yes I am Brian Gibbons

crap, wrong name! 

My sincere apologies to @Darrell Shepherd  

Meant to reference @Derrell P.  

I must be dyslexic! Not even close!

Sorry you got that vibe from @Brian Gibbons  

Been the total opposite for me...

GL in your RE Investing,


Brian called me, I had to ask him to turn Sesame Street down too because I couldn't hear him! He kept asking me to review his documents and program saying he would pay me, I said no, I wouldn't charge him anything. He was very insistent in paying me, I had to be very stern about the matter that I would not accept his money, I finally won as I told him I would not give him my account information to send me any money!

He sent me some stuff, I looked at it and told him what I thought, but I have no idea if he actually implemented my suggestions, may not have since he didn't get to pay anything for my advice and I've found many investors don't take free advice.

As I recall, the only real issue I had was his advice on how to approach Cookie Monster in sub-letting a trash can, but don't take this as an endorsement. I believe we discussed aspects on the Conjunction Junction with respect to some disclosure form.

Once again, he tried to bring up the money issue trying to pay me, my answer was still the same and I felt like I just needed to hang up on him as I know he can't afford me and just wasn't going there with him, he was very insistent!  Pretty much the end of that!

Oh, BTW, I take phone calls, when I'm in a noisy environment, like a Rave concert in my living room, I don't answer the phone until I can get to a more quiet space! As a professional I understand that if the phone rings it might be someone I'd like to establish a good relationship with, being courteous begins with answering the phone. If I don't want to accept such calls into MY home, I wouldn't answer it, that's why voice mail was invented. :) 

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