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Just had a free consultation coaching call with Brian Gibbons and he told me a strategy that I have never thought of or even considered but now I am a believer. First let me say thanks Brian for your help about my area and a very good strategy that I will be looking to implement very soon.

Since I started REI, wholesaling has been a main strategy of mine. Although I think it is a great strategy, it does come with challenges Brian has introduced me to the strategy of partnering with a seller and doing a JV for rehab to get the property listed and sold. He basically walked me through step by step and what exactly to do on how to get the property under contract with the seller to how to get the rehabs done (without my own money) to getting it listed and sold. Basically you are partnering with the seller to get the necessary rehabs done to get the property updated with any repairs that it needed. You will the work with an investor friendly realtor to get the property listed and sold. The good thing is everyone wins ( you, the seller and the agent). This is something I will def implement in the very near future.

Thanks Brian for your help and FREE call. Most mentors or coaches will usually charge at a min a few hundred $$$ for what you told me.  

@Matt Ellis  

OK Disclaimer - I am Brian Gibbons!

It was a pleasure to assist you on the phone, and thank you for the kind words.

Best wishes to you and your family.


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