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Anyone know of a real estate book that shares real life deals through and through in novel form? There's so many tips, tricks and how to books on real estate but how about a book that goes through every minute of the deal process, like in a story form. As if you were following that person every step of the way as they went from start to close, even their thought process.

I feel like the biggest reason beginners like me find it hard to get into real estate is because we have no idea what it is like personally. Hearing someone else's story is a good way to feel more familiar with it without having to take the plunge blind. 

@Vlad Noland  I think a lot of us have thought "I should write a book."  I'm just not sure if anyone actually has ?

RE is an interesting business.  It's very people oriented, so you meet all kinds.  And I have met ALL KINDS!

There should be a book out there titled, "The Life of a Real Estate Investor" or something along those lines. It should be as if you were standing beside that person with every phone call and transaction they made. Maybe not every, but a few of them. 

BP member @David Krulac  has authored a book that seems to be a close match to your request:

Thanks! @Steve Babiak  If only it were an audio book, I'm making a trip to Chicago tomorrow (5 hours) would've been a nice listen. @David Krulac I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would download it!

Hey @Vlad Noland  - Have you listened to our Podcast?  It doesn't go over all the details, but I think it is as close to what you're looking for as I'm aware of....

If you haven't, download the podcasts. There are 82 of them and each, aside from repeat guests begin with the question "How did you get into real estate?"

Larry Goins wrote an excellent book called Real Estate Day Trading, there is a lot of info in there. Could be on audio, check check Amazons Audio division "Audible"

But certainly start with BP Pod Casts they are free!

The closest thing Ive read to that is probably "Tales of a Whitetrash Landlord" by Dan Brouilette and "Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur" by James Randel. Both really good reads. Dan's book about horror stories from residential landlording with tons of good advice learned the hard way. James's book is more on larger commercial deals...some gone right and some gone wrong.

@Vlad Noland  

Though I'm not much of a fan, Armando Montelongo's Flip and Grow Rich is definitely along the lines of what you mention. The format is a little different as 1/2 of the book is written as a story that chronicles his experiences from no money to success and the other half is a bit more technical into the details of some deals.

Thanks all for the recommendations! @Joshua Dorkin  I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the podcasts, love em. I actually plan on listening to the latest one on the way to Chicago, who also happens to have written a book with just the thing I was wanting, except no audio version unfortunately, but I look forward to listening to the podcast!

There is another possible book called "The Art of the Deal" by Donald Trump and it may be an audio available..

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