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Hey folks,

Just wanted to get a feel for how well are you doing with the app you downloaded to help you with your R.E. business, and will knowing that there are other apps out there, would you be willing to try this one out? If you feel your current RE app is better, what is the name of the app do you recommend? thanks.

according to the link:

"New all-in-one real estate investor software DEMO w/ Than Merrill! Find deals, estimate repairs, make offers, manage leads &more....

...Here are just a few things we use it for: 

- Estimate the repair cost on properties
- Evaluate the numbers on a deal to help us make the best offer
- Get leads we will market to like: cash buyers, private lenders, renters, etc. (available right in the software!)
- Manage all our leads, buyer, sellers and contacts
- Manage all of the properties we are analyzing, making offers on, and houses that we are wholesaling, rehabbing, and renting
- Email blast our contacts and send auto-responders
- Market our properties to get them sold ..."

I stay away from Then Merrill and Greg Clement as they sold SIMS 2.0 several years ago and it was a terrible product and their customer service was horrible.  

Originally posted by @Curt Davis:

I stay away from Then Merrill and Greg Clement as they sold SIMS 2.0 several years ago and it was a terrible product and their customer service was horrible.  

 thanks. I would be interested to know what you are currently using now. 

"Fortune Builders" came to Tulsa in early 2012.  At the 2 hr. preliminary presentation, which was promoting a 3-day seminar to come a little later, another registrant next to me specifically asked whether the 3-day was real training we could really use to flip houses and not just an up-sell program and we were assured it was real training, not up-sell. Biggest lie I/we've ever been told.  Three full 8 hour days, lost from my regular job and everything else, of pure sales-pitch infomercial up-sell B___ S___ with nothing useful anyone could take and go start making deals.  And their up-sell "Masters" (?) programs ranged from $10K to about $70K!!!  Crooked as they get.  They should be in jail.

Do Fortune Builders own/operate Realeflow?

"Birds of a feather flock together"

Originally posted by @Dallas Peters :

Do Fortune Builders own/operate Realeflow?

 My understanding is that they use it but they don't own it.  It was started by another RE investor about 10 years ago.  

They are scam artist
Originally posted by @Dallas Peters :

Do Fortune Builders own/operate Realeflow?

 They didn't originally own it, but fortune builders has invested heavily in the company and now owns a pretty good minority stake. Just FYI, adding to the info out there. 

I know this is an old post but my wife and I recently sat through the Than Merrill 3 day seminar.

Yes, it was 3 full days.

Yes, they do give you useful information. We came out with over 10 pages of notes.

Yes, they do try to sale you the mastery program. It seems like it could be helpful for the timid, They hold your hand step by step. They take you out on tours of in progress rehabs they are doing.

Did I sign up for it. NO, I'm not the hold my hand type, my wife would like to go on the tours when we are able to afford it. But we did sign up for the 3K jumpstart program, which is really helpful and we didn't mind paying 3K for a small real estate education. (It's all in how you look at it)

Yes, they make realeflow seem like a big mystery at the seminar. They make it seem like the only way to get access to realeflow is through the mastery program. We researched realeflow after day 1 of the seminar. We decided to attend the whole seminar because we already paid $200.

Yes, Realeflow is a good program. Even if it  is $99/mo.  I do believe realeflow wouldn't have a bad name if Than Merrill and the Fortune builders were marketing it another way and if TM and FB wasn't rubbing people the wrong way. Granted they have a lot of customers and mastery student so a few mixed reviews aren't hurting their business. I'm not sure if Than Merrill invests in it. If he does that's smart. I wish I could.

Search BP & the Internet for "Than Merrill" then "Fortune builders" for reviews.

I am a part time investor, so I have a full-time job.  The only opportunity I have to learn the program is the webinars on the site at 2:00, it does not work for me and I can not listen to them any other time.  So, this program is not very friendly to beginners like my self.  There is a tab that says courses but when I press that tab it only offers to sell me a program to buy foreclosure listings.  

Realeflow is not very beginner friendly.  I don't know what I need to do in terms of learning how to used the program.  They have not made it easy for folks to get the full benefit of the program.  If I am wrong please correct me and show me how.


Forget Than Merrill and do your research on BP. Ask questions in the forums and listen to the podcasts. You'll be far better off. Good luck.

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