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Has anyone bought Mark Podolsky's Land Geek Course about flipping raw/vacant land?

I'm interested to hear what you thought of it.


Never even heard of it, but I have flipped raw land, and so far average 200% ROI. My thoughts on buying courses that give you generic ideas, its a waste of money and time. You would be better served reading BP blogs, listening to podcasts, and asking questions in the forums. Plus, you don't waste money you could use to buy raw land!

As a side note, city of Fort Worth, Texas has sold property for as low as $100.00, how much is the course?

Thanks @Richard D.

The course is $1000.

My worry is that I have never bought a piece of property, including a primary residence, so I don't even really know how the paperwork works, let alone due diligence and valuation.

If the course is good, I think it could easily save me $1000 in stupid mistakes, or make me an extra $1000 in opportunities I would have missed.

Marks website is kind of slimy, which turns me off, but if there is good content in the course it might be worth it.

Originally posted by @Richard Devaney:

Never even heard of it, but I have flipped raw land, and so far average 200% ROI. My thoughts on buying courses that give you generic ideas, its a waste of money and time. You would be better served reading BP blogs, listening to podcasts, and asking questions in the forums. Plus, you don't waste money you could use to buy raw land!

As a side note, city of Fort Worth, Texas has sold property for as low as $100.00, how much is the course?

 Where do you go to buy land from the city? Is it an auction?

@Richard D.   where doyou get $100 for land in Texas ? Tell us more detail, so we can learn

Ok enough of you want more info, here is a blog post for you.

Starting with less $1000.00

Updated almost 4 years ago

you can buy land for $100 at city resale/struck off auctions, or direct from the taxing unit who holds the title. you will want to contact the specific reps for those entities for details on how the sale the properties that they receive from the tax aucti

Disclosure: Life long friend.

@Jake Hartnett  

I have known Mark Podolsky since 1999.  We worked together at the same investment bank and I got him into this business.  We have partnered too many transactions to count since that time.  I have no affiliation with his package and don't get paid for this post in any way.

The package is the real deal. Its appropriate if you really need all of the details about buying and selling raw land.

He also gives a full refund (if you follow the rules) after you complete your first deal.

Its a step by step "how-to" process on the whole effort.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

@Jack Butala  Can his program account for every possible transaction scenario in over 3000 counties in the US, with the varying state and local laws? In now way did I say his program would or would not work. My point was can you justify spending the cost of the program, when you could easily spend one tenth of the programs cost and already get started. 

IMO, the forums, podcasts, and blog post on BP, is worth more than the $1000.00 your friend charges. The great thing about BP is that it's free, no money out of pocket, no following rules for a refund, and so forth. My guess, is that if someone purchases a property following you friends program to the letter, loses money on the deal; your friend would not refund the difference of the lost funds from the deal.

So now my question would be under these presumptions why would anyone want to spend money on a program, when you can obtain the information found in the program for free?

Disclosure: I am the creator of The Investors Toolkit

@Jake Hartnett  you don't need to spend $1k on a program.  There are tons of free resources on BP and @Seth Williams has tons of free information as well.  My course is perfect for the person that has more money than time.  There is no magic bullet, and in any business it takes consistent effort and focus to be successful.  

Also, which part of the site looks slimy?  Yikes!  

Thanks for your interest and best of luck with you land investing!

I know this is a pretty old thread, but wanted to bump because I had a few questions myself.

Long story short, I found the Land Geek through Bigger Pockets -> Seth Williams -> Land Geek Podcast.

Am I to understand from the previous comments that no one has taken this course?

I'm curious how much the course is updated in terms of information, because as it is stated on the podcast, the market is always changing.

I personally want to pursue land on the side at this point in my life, and (to confirm what has been stated) there isn't a lot of information about it.  BP is a great resource for most other types of investing, but land isn't really one of them.  The last article that was tagged for land investing was over 3 years ago by...Mark.  I'm definitely not a pro at BP, so maybe I just don't know how to search.

I am in a demanding sales job at this point, which eats up a lot of my spare time.  I have a 3 year old, and about to have baby #2 here in a couple of weeks.  So this is not something I'm considering today because I wouldn't be able to touch it for a month or two, but a very possible 2015 goal.

Does the course discuss what you need to do legally when you get started?  Can I just start sending letters and going to auctions as a normal person?  Or do I need to establish some type of business?  I'm assuming there are a lot of tax benefits once you get into it, but again I don't really even know where to start with all that.  I was hoping to not spend thousands in education and attorney's fees all in the beginning.

I'd love to have something that I could do on the side for 5-10 hours a week to generate some additional income and have a small/reasonable start up cost, but honestly it just sounds too good to be true.

Hi @Grady Saunders !

Thanks for your interest in our program... 

I understand your skepticism of this being too good to be true... 

Happy to discuss this with you.  Just send me a colleague request and I'll get your questions answered.

No worries!

@Grady Saunders

@Mark Podolski

Did you ever end up getting the land geek program?  Did you ever start investing in raw land.  I stumbled upon the Land Geek podcast and thinking about giving it a shot.  I am in a similar situation.  Sales Rep, toddler, baby due, and not a ton of free time!

Disclosure: I am the Land Geek

Hey @Andrew Wilson -- thanks for your interest in our program and I hope you are enjoying the podcasts.  We do have 90 archived episodes as well devoted just to land investing on our membership site that you'll find helpful as well.   

Again, there are no more "secrets" out there and if you don't like the program or feel its not giving you value we do have a 30 days no questions asked, no wiggle clauses, no shenanigans, no restocking fees or any other "guru" nonsense to make it difficult to refund. 

Just being on BP is going to give you a huge advantage in real estate investing and listening to podcasts and learning from everyone.   You can certainly feel free to contact any of those people whom are singing my praises as well as I know for sure some of them are in BP. 

I remember being exactly in your shoes and I wish when I started there was a mentor or 2 let alone an entire real estate investing community to help guide me, save me time and reduce the probability of making mistakes.   

Best of luck!

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Hey Mark:

Maybe you can clarify for us. I have a good understanding where to go to look up the information I need (for delinquent taxes on land) however after reading some of the fellow BP post's, it sounds like most of the prospecting mail is "return to sender" thus it makes me skeptical in investing in your system.  Can you elaborate how your system is better than that with the automation you bring to the table?

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The real value in the course are the 2 free tickets to Bootcamp and 2 free consulting calls.  

You won't get that with a toolkit resale....

Honestly, you are meant for this business, but skimping on the education piece is penny wise, pound foolish... 

Any home study course is by its nature flawed as it was recorded at one point in time.  The live 2.5 day Bootcamp and consulting calls fill in all the gaps. 

To Engineering Your Success, 


Hey Mark - Thanks for your reply, and like I said, please don't take any offense at my secondary market bidding for your course materials!  I'm sure you're right in terms of the value of the in-person training - I very well might take you up on that at some point...but I know i couldn't look myself in the mirror if I didn't try testing the market with a lower bid first!

All the best,


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Thanks Jay - I'll check out Seth's stuff.  Will be in touch.  

Best regards,


@Jake Hartnett info and I am sure that as you feel, one bit of information could be that golden nugget or save you 1000s in mistakes.

Happy Investing,

So, has anyone taken the course yet??  
I just heard Mark on BP about 2 weeks ago and I was hooked!  Being totally new to RE investing I am starting as a kindergartener (well, maybe 2nd grader as I have been a Property Manger for a decade; long enough to be enticed by the freedom of land investing!)
My biggest mind block is that I want to start small and work up to a pro level; I feel as though Mark's program might catapult you to the pro level right off the bat.  
I know, why wouldn't you just want to be a pro?  Well, I feel like learning and growing is what makes you an experienced [investor], going through the growing pains is what is necessary to own the position.  Does this makes sense?  (It's at least how I learn best; give me all the information and let me work up to being the best.)
I know Mark started green (and small) and worked towards becoming a pro (when automation and such became the next steps).  I guess my question of the course is, will I be able to start small and grow in my own time, working up towards out-of-state purchases and such?  I heard Mark tell the story of his success timeline and he bought his first deal for $3000 locally.  That's where I want to start, and then once I have more experience I can start to incorporate automation and out-of-state deals.  But right now I want to be involved, I want to get my hands dirty, I want to do the work myself.  
The price for the course has gone up $1000 since most of you have commented on this thread (total cost is $2000 today).  It's not a terrible amount of money, and I haven't found 1 bad review yet.  I just want to be sure I can grow in my own time and that the course is set up in a way to allow you to do so; that it gives you the information to be small for a minute, that it doesn't assume you want to be a pro today and only guide you to that distinction while skipping all the stuff the little guy needs to know to become a pro.  

Surely one of you has committed to the course by now?  

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Hi Sara and the rest of the BP community.

Disclosure: I am on the Land Geek Team.

There hasn't been much activity on this thread but there have been hundreds of folks that gotten into Land investing through The Land Geek community.

I myself am one of them. I burned the boats, jumped in, and over 9 months replaced my wife's income so she can be at home with our son. There are many more stories like this.

And like any business, there are challenges and block walls along the way. Going it alone can be daunting. So I will always suggest getting education and getting plugged into the community will solidify your odds of success.

Search on Facebook for The Official Land Geek Wealth Creation and Motivation Group. It's free and you'll be able to see the success others have had with this business model.

The cost of the course itself has 2 prices as of 7/1/2017. The physical copy of the course is $1,997 and the Digital Access is $1,747. If you send me a DM, we can talk more in depth to see if land flipping is right for you and if our community would be the best fit as well. There are some discounts available too so we can see if you qualify.

I've been doing this for 14 months now and have gotten to 7K/month. But more than the money, I am after the freedom. I will be quitting my construction job in December 2017. Can't wait to have even more time with my family!!!!!

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