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My name is Jeff....I was wondering if anyone out there at Biggerpockets has gone through the Dave Lindahl gold coaching program...I wanted to here with someone who has done it before I sign up....thanks


You must have not listen to the podcasts and searching the forums.  I can assure you that whatever the guru can teach you for a price, you can learn it here for free.  The guru job is to up-sell you his products, that is how he makes money.  Most of the things that they teach you are  unrealististic or you can learn it from a book.  Heck, start download podcast #1 and I bet you that by the time you reach #80 you can turn around and teach the guru yourself.  Connect with @Brian Burke , @J Scott , @Ben Leybovich, and many more.  These are the people that know the game and you can get FREE advice if you just ask.

To answer your question, Personally I have not signed up for any guru's course because my money is better spend elsewhere.  Don't let me me stop you though, if you think your money is better spend buying someone else time to tell you how he/she strike it rich with 0 money out of pocket, and how you can talk anybody into selling their property for pennies on the dollar without any hardwork on your part.  If it is that easy a caveman can do it, then please pay their $999 introductory course and post your success up here so I can learn from my mistake.  Good luck.

I'm not a fan of gurus (no surprise there), and I've never paid for any of Lindahl's courses, but if there was ever a course I would consider paying for, it's something from Lindahl.

Here are my reasons:

1.  I got started in this business by reading his books (love them), and there's an emotional connection to his stuff from that.  This isn't a good reason, but since it plays into my decision making, so I thought I'd mention it.

2.  I went to one of his networking events in NOLA earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised.  Many of the people there were Lindahl students, and many of them had done deals.  In fact, many of them owned dozens or hundreds of units, and the deals I they were doing seemed solid (they weren't being encouraged to buy bad deals).

3.  Lindahl has owned many thousands of units himself...and I believe he still does.  He isn't just a coach (though I imagine that a big part of his revenue stream) and he didn't stop investing just to coach.

4.  When I asked him some hard questions, I got reasonable (and not always rosy) answers.  In fact, he went so far as to say that the model he espouses (multi-units) is likely in a risky part of the buying cycle (due to interest rate concerns).  I respect that, and don't know many rehab gurus who would tell you that now isn't a good time to be getting into rehabbing.

So, while I can't recommend him for his courses (like I said, I've never been to one other than the networking event), if I were ever to go to a course or pay for one, Lindahl is probably the only high-priced guy I would consider...

Disclosure: Cash Flow Freedom University (CFFU)

@Kevin Tran  Thanks for the shout-out!  I am not sure if you are aware, and I might be shooting myself in the foot here, but while I do try to be generous with my contributions on BP, I actually do have a course that I sell on my site (CFFU - most folks here know this), and I do offer consulting services.

My time is at a premium.  My knowledge is deep, at least that's what @J Scott says.  I've paid big to be where I am.  It wasn't courses that cost me - it was mistakes - tens of thousands of dollars worth of mistakes.  And what I offer for sale, is not the promises of riches, but my capacity to save people money through avoiding the same mistakes that cost me.  Information is free - wisdom is not free...

Hopefully this perspective continues to resonate with the members here.  I certainly have no plans of diminishing my contribution to BiggerPockets, where I have so many friends - @Brandon Turner  , @Brian Burke  , @Joshua Dorkin  , @Serge S.  , @J Scott to name a few...  On the other hand, I have no plans of discontinuing charging for my expertise and my time.  Hope that continues to be OK with BP...

And yes - I'll always offer opinion when asked, unless we are talking about Brandon, in which case I'll offer an opinion even without being asked :)

I did his course and mentorship program years ago- prob '03-'04ish.  Dave's a good guy.  I don't share the usual disdain for buying courses that most people on here do.  I'm a firm believer in "the more you learn the more you earn" and the seminars fit my learning style.  I've done a ton of them.  I don't recommend you go buy that stuff on credit cards, but if you're doing deals its not a crazy waste of money IMO.  Of course when I was learning the info wasn't nearly as available for free as it is now.

Anyway, I don't know exactly what he's doing now, I missed him when he came through Atlanta earlier this year.  I'm sure his program is streamlined quite a bit from when I did it, but back then it was good info.  I didn't know much about the apartment game and got a pretty good overview of it all.  I only bought one at 27 units before interest rates soared and the fit hit the shan in my business and I was selling instead of buying so I'm no expert.  I don't do much buy and hold these days, so haven't looked at apartments in a while.  If I was going to hit that game, I'd look Dave up for an update for sure.  He's done more than most in the real world.  I think he's been doing a lot of partnering with students over the years and has interest in thousands and thousands of units.

Its been a while, but like J. Scott said, he talks a lot about cycles and demographic/job growth areas for goes for high probability of appreciation looking nationally. I used his pro forma & analysis software for years, pretty basic stuff, but did the job. I also agree that the people in my classes were actually doing deals more so than the SFR stuff that was more newbies. People don't usually start this business in apartments so the people learning that kinda thing tend to be more experienced.

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