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I am thinking about taking a wholesaling program through fortune builders for $3,000. I was just wondering if anyone else has taken any of their courses and if they have profited financially through them. Thanks! 

Hey Cory

Continue to soak up the information from this site.   Its free and will teach year probably 99% of the things you will learn with Fortune Builders.   You can actually start doing deals based upon information from this site.   Here is a link that I created for new investors several weeks ago.   

Welcome to Bigger Pockets

Thanks for the information Brandon. I appreciate it!

@Cory Magnus  , I think most people on this site would say to stay away from paying that much especially to a big company like that.  $3k could get a lot of direct mail for you once you spend some time educating yourself here.

You should be able to do a search on the site to find numerous posts on this topic. 

thanks for all the info and advice, I am fairly new to the REI side of things and I want to learn as much as I can!

Oh and I meant to say thanks to Gerald not Brandon sorry about that.

There are a number of his wholesaling courses on eBay for under $200 if you are really curious...  

Hey- I'm new here and seriously investigating. FB has peaked my interst in real estate investment and I have a bazillion questions. I have signed up for 3 day seminar coming in a couple weeks and expect o learn all I can. I was thinking about going straight into thier wholesalng bootcamp right off and starting from there, as long as it is locally accomplished. I work full time as a facilities manager and have an army of kids to send to college...

So Cory mentions 3k for this FB program. I don't see that on the website, but I do see $1197 for a 4 day wholesaling bootcamp. I'm wondering if some comments I'm reading are showing a bias against FB for whatever reason? I look forward to moving ahead and realize at my age getting rich quick aint happening, whether it be here there or anywhere.

I have known some realtors and have found most to be kind of territorial when you start to ask questions, and that could be just a licensing thing.

Are there any "volunteer montors" out there?

I just signed up for the FB's Jumpstart program where it includes wholesaling etc. However, I couldn't agree more with everyone's input in getting the information through Bigger Pockets but I also think it depends on the person's level of experience whether your new or tenured. For me, I've been with BP since October and have been learning on my own at my pace. A little slower process especially having a full-time job but least I'm making the effort. It can definitely take a lot of time and patience studying on your own but most importantly if you can leverage another approach to learning and getting educated, it could also eliminate a lot of guesswork from the beginning?

My business partner and I went through the FB 3 day seminar last September 2013.  We then purchased the Jumpstart Program.  I had just found BP at the same time, but had not done as much research about either as I should have.  A few things - Did I pay too much?  Absolutely.  Was the coaching and information helpful?  Absolutely.  Would I do it again?  Maybe.  I believed at the time that I needed someone to walk us through the process of getting started.  I could have just as easily done that here.  On the flip side of that - investing is not easy to get started in, especially without any money, as they make it sound.  Wholesaling is difficult.  As was mentioned above, I probably should have invested in our marketing strategy instead of the FB program.  I do know that the motivation of getting that money back has kept me from giving up as the going has been tough and slow in our market.  

Much of my motivation over the past 9 months has been BP podcasts and the unshakeable belief that this is what I am meant to do with my life.

Still working on closing our first real estate deal,  Remember they only show you the successes.

save your money @Cory Magnus  

you are were you need to be 

there is lots to learn here about fortune builders

i took there 1 day seminar and bought 1 of there wholesaling courses 

you dont need this course to be successful in this biz 

take the money and put a downpayment on a house 

if u buy in low income areas buy a house 

Here is how you succesfully wholesale properties without spending money on a course-

Talk with 5-10 real estate agents who specialize in investments. Join your local REI groups. Find out what their clients want, which areas are in high demand, and how much they are paying.

Ask them for a recommendation to a direct mail company.

Run your DM campaign. Get the properties to the agents/other investors (pay them 3% buyer fee) and profit.

THERE YOU GO! I unlocked the secrets of wholesaling! That will be $5,000 please.

I posted a negative comment about my experience with Fortune Builders on this site a month or two ago... Since posting on BP, I was contacted by Fortune Builders. They were very concerned that I was unhappy with my relationship with them, and wanted to know how they could make it better.

I told them what I needed, and they promptly provided it. I am happy to report that they went the extra mile to get me what I wanted and to make sure that I was completely satisfied.

Shelli Neal

I too am wondering if anyone has had success with FB.  Please let me know.  I could use the training but $3,000 is a lot of money for someone living paycheck to paycheck.

Originally posted by @Penny Conner :

I too am wondering if anyone has had success with FB.  Please let me know.  I could use the training but $3,000 is a lot of money for someone living paycheck to paycheck.

I have been to the 3 day conference that fortunebuilders has to offer. I know their prices and their sale practises. Personally, I do not believe fortunebuilders has a system that warrants the kind of "investment" they require.  

During my 3 day class, they were conducting "interviews" for their mastery program where I overhead an agent using a high pressure sales technique. He was attempting to get a 70 year old man to pull out a home equity loan against the home he'd been in for 30 years, in the amount of 35,000,  just to gain access to their software and educational material for a year. 

I believe if you honestly have the money to invest into that program and YOU believe it is the best option for you then great, but I would never recommend the type of "investment" where you'd be risking something you can't afford to lose. Like your home.  

Cory,  I too was thinking of doing a jump start with Fortune but after watching a webinary of BP.  I have decided not to.  Bigger Pockets has all the info we need if we update to pro.  It's only 290 bucks which is a lot cheaper than 3000.  If it doesn't work out you can always go to FB.  As for me I'm trying BP first.  Sure there are we binary and books to read which is the same thing FB would have us doing.

I am currently doing the 3 day course. Just finished day one. I feel like I will definately get something out it. They don't give you the specifics, as you have to buy the mastery course to get that, but they definately give you a nice roadmap. You can get the specifics off this site for free for sure. It's helping to give me more of a clue, but networking through your local REIA and talking to people who are actually doing it will help boost your confidence a lot.

I paid $197 for the FB Insider's 3 day weekend seminar. I was disappointed. My brief recap is that it was 1/3 common sense; 1/3 motivational mindset material and roughly 1/3 previewing their systems that cost $20,000 to $35,000 to obtain for use.  I don't mind paying for a refresher course but I was aggravated that so much time was spent on their high priced systems such as their rehabbing templates (which appeared very impressive) only to find out that it was all or nothing in the Mastery course to be able to utilize what they presented. If I had an extra $20,000 I would partner up with one of my real estate buddies that have 100+ units and shadow them on the deal. Just way too much time and fluff for $197. The best part is that I realized I know more than I thought. The worst part was wasting my time. This workshop is of value if you are literally just starting out and honestly have very little knowledge of the business and there is nothing wrong with that. I am grateful I found BiggerPockets!

Save your money and use it for a direct mail campaign or other marketing materials. There is no jump start or fast track. This website is 100 times more educational that any guru out there. 

Read Preston Ely's book, how to get rich in real estate.  I think he gives it away free.  I don't do much wholesaling but if you just followed his book, I think you can pull off a deal and get rolling.   It is a hour read tops.  Good Luck.

For the record I paid about $15K for a different training.  Did I get 15K worth of help for that?  Nope, but it did give me some help and make me commit to earning my 15K back and it has all worked out.  At the end of the day though you have to do the deals so if training kicks you in the butt to do that great, though I am sure most of the people who take training never actually do anything with it. 

@Cory Magnus you can find plenty of free resources and tools on this site to get you started. Also any sticking points you may run into there is most likely a thread about it on this platform

I recently joined fortune builders after going to the 3 day course. I was very very skeptical & only went bc I was dragged there. Well now that I'm "in" and I can see what you are paying for I have to say I think it's worth it...though we haven't flipped or done a wholesale yet since we are still learning the ropes. The networking you get out of joining is tremendous! It's such a big community that they are always doing deals with each other from private money lending, wholesaling, advice, etc. I'm in a private Facebook group with all the members and daily its success story after another...and these people appear to be average joes who joined fb and are killing it. The support, advice, templates, and training are above and beyond have exceeded my expectations. I know without a doubt we get our money back in the next few months...just need to get through all the trainings & coaching. 

my husband and I just finished a FB 3 day seminar and although we did get some good information we still didn't get as promised.  When we heard the free seminar on theCDCrafio I quickly registered only to find out once we were there that we would need to pay $197 to take thec3 day seminar and were told if we paid that then we would find out what websites to go to to find the properties where to go to get guidance and the forms and legal document templates that fb uas built only to findbnbout on the second day that you now had to pay $30,000 or $35,000 or $50,000 in order to have their mastery program and if we didn't then we wouldn't have access to help or guidance or any of the systems or pre made forms. What we were taught was basically some contract stuff things we needed to create such as marketing campaigns etc but basically we needed to come up with our own systems and templates.  Nate was great however once it was determined we didn't have that kind of money to pay were never approached or spoken to again.  We felt very uncomfortable and left at lunch on the 3rd day.  I had my " this is go good to be true attitude in the beginning' but after being told we would find out everything we needed to to get started for the $197 I thought awesome this would be a great investment.  Still have a very vague way to go about getting started but I did acquire a private money broker who approached me with their information that attended the same seminar and will definitely be calling.

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