Peter Guathier, Wholesaling made simple course?

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Im would like to know if anyone has heard of this guy and his course? His site sells both Steve Cooks and his own course for the same price ($497) over at flippinghomes. Ive heard some good things about Steve Cooks but hard to find any reviews on Peter Gauthier other than testimonials for his own youtube channel which I usually take those with a grain of salt. His course seems a bit more comprehensive than Steves which I have been leaning towards. Any input?

Peter Gauthier aka Captain Pete is a very knowledgable guy who learned wholesaling under Steve Cook. I have never bought any of his courses or products. But he does know and is active in wholesaling in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Alot of wholesalers in the Baltimore Maryland have learned under Steve Cook. Good Luck

I am part of Steve cooks mastermind group. Steve is one of the Guru's I have the utmost respect for. His materials are both high quality and moderately priced. 

I also know Pete Gauthier personally. I agree with @Arktavious Sally he knows his stuff. I do not have any of Pete's coaching materials but I have heard him speak. Even after years of doing this I learned several great tips about negotiating from him. 

@Ned Carey, Steve Cooks Mastermind group is a great group of Real Estate minds to be a part of.

Thanks for the replies, it looks like a really good system.

How does one go about joining Steve Cook's mastermind group?

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