Capital Rock Hedge Fund

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Hi, has anyone heard of Capital Rock Hedge Fund or Eddie Speed?  Their "schtick" is notes.

Thanks in advance!


@Michelle Nicholls  A traditional hedge fund will likely have a Form D filing with the SEC. Here is a link to the EDGAR system: The EDGAR system is a governmental filing system for entities regulated or overseen by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The pool that holds the investors money for a hedge fund has to file a Form D as part of its exemption from registration of its securities (interest in the fund). If Capital Rock is a traditional hedge fund, then they should have filed a Form D with the SEC. The Form D has identifying information regarding assets, key management, etc. 

This is old, but I would like to comment for future readers.

Many (if not most) hedge funds will not be found in the EDGAR system. Most hedge funds are unregulated, which means the majority of their investors are accredited (they have over $1 million or make at least $200k/yr). Which means they did not file a Form D.

This is generally what makes them different from a mutual fund - they are unregulated.

Thanks for the insight.   However, I don't think this is a real hedge fund.  It sounded like more like just another"guru" selling a class on notes investing.

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