Chris Curry Listing Funnels System for Real Estate Agents

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Hi, Has anyone used Chris Curry Listing Funnels Systems for the real estate agent? I searched in the search box and I did not see any forums related to this program. Thank you.

I used the Facebook seller lead program and it brought quite a few leads in, but they weren't very qualified.

Ultimately, I cancelled the program and because of my development experience, I was able to reproduce the exact same service using my own code without paying for someone else for the service.

This buys me the flexibility to tweak the funnel on a more granular level to refine the quality.

For me, it was worth it but I ultimately stopped paying for it. I also found the whole experience to be a little confusing. There were multiple sites with logins and automated marketing emails coming at me in all directions. There's no doubt that these guys know how to do leadgen but I wouldn't look for it to solve all of your leadgen problems.

I am looking into this system as well. On the surface it appears to be very comprehensive but I am always a little skeptical. I love real estate, but have never been the best at full blown marketing campaigns. The 97 bucks may be worth it to take some of the guess work out of it.

@Joshua McGinnis , Thanks Joshua for the info.  I have been combing the net for the best competent, productive results, quality, as much as possible automated quality lead generating systems out there marketing on the most powerful sites effectively (FB, Youtube, G +, Linked In, Twitter, etc.  With some proven sales lingo,and  a proven listing present, etc.

I have watched a few of Chris Curry's webinars, and am really liking what he is claiming to do with some of his programs. The FB seller lead program to all major websites. ex. FB, Youtube,, etc. Marketing to FSBO's, by dropping off a secret package, Get high end listings by creating a HUGE Persona. Also claims to have effective scripts, & a proven powerpoint listing present. Seems to take a lot of the guess work out of it, and much automated, which is very important to me. Anyways, I am gearing up to launch some marketing for Facebook, and FSBO's for Listings. I have ran into some bad press on the net about Curry's programs.

You said that his FB lead program brought in a few leads.  Do you recommend that one for the $97 / month. And what's your thoughts on his others ?

I am confused about what you meant when you said: "There were multiple sites with logins and automated marketing emails coming at me in all directions" ?

You also said that you would not look at it to solve all of your lead gen problems ?  Please explain.

Thanks in advance Joshua for any help / guidance that you can provide.



@Anthony Palacino

We tried the FB system and the letters. The FB system attracted poor quality / unmotivated leads. The letters did nothing - we did not get a single response.

That said, I'm in a challenging market. I can see how these systems might work in other markets so what I would suggest is to budget some dollars to try it for a couple of months and see what kind of results you get.

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