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As I understand and see huge value in the bigger pockets website and I also read books. I really would like to take a online course on REI. Can anyone suggest any classes? I was considering a Rich dad online course! Suggestions? Thanks you

Do a search here on BP for "Rich Dad" or any other type of training you may consider...

What you'll likely find is that there are a lot of high-priced, national training organizations out there that have VERY poor reputations.  If you feel you need a mentor/coach, find someone local or at least someone that will provide 1:1 coaching.

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I was considering a Rich dad online course! Suggestions? Thanks you

Wow those Rich Dad people must have an incredible marketing approach.    Look at this post:

Just spend your time reading up on REI. I recommend John Reed's books. Go join an REI group and learn about the local area from other investors. There are no secrets that you have to pay $27000 for.

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thanks guys! I will take your advice and continue reading BP forums and REI books and prepare for my entry into REI. 27k wow I'm all for education and consider it an investment when you practice what you learn buts that's REAL steep! Happy Holidays. Thanks again!