REI EXPO Dallas 2015. Who's going?

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I will be attending the REI Expo in Dallas on Jan 24-25, 2015 and wondering who else is going this year that has attended before? Also any advice and/or suggestions for attending this event.


Leave your credit card at home.

went in 2012. Nothing for investors, just agents trying to get REO listing contacts, and co.s trying to sell BS training/programs to agents for the same purpose. If you do learn anything useful, please let us know.

I'll bet I buy two houses, while you listen to "GURU's".

Originally posted by @Joseph Ball :

I'll bet I buy two houses, while you listen to "GURU's".

 So Joseph you attended this before and I'm assuming from your comments that you thought there was very little value in attending. I have never gone and wanted to check it out. What exactly about the expo did you not like? I have zero connection with this event just to make that clear. 

I have attended OTHER Expos. My time is better spent, making offers. Go for it! I think the best thing will be contacts-not speeches. 

Alright I understand were you are coming from. The value that I find at most conferences like these are the contacts also. Meeting new people is not passive by any means and requires effort. You get out of these events what you put it.  I hope you get to close on a few of those offers. Good luck 

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