What Are Some Good Audio Books?

3 Replies

I decided to make better use of some of travel time and standing in line.  I have come to a conclusion that audio books can fill that void.  Have anybody came across any good audio book(s) about real estate or business that have made an impressions or "That wasn't bad." or "I really like it" moment?  Thank everyone in advance.  Some of the narrators are boring while others can be entertaining.  

  1. "The Obstacle is the Way" got me hooked on audio books.  Great listen and really motivational by teaching life is a process and anything you do can be turned into a positive event. Author is Ryan Holiday, he narrates it as well. 

Try out “What your CPA isn’t telling you” by Mark J. Kohler... I really did enjoy this audio book and learned a lot. Even got the actual book now....It’s written so that your spouse can get a lot from it too.

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