A Guru is Bashing Biggerpockets?

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I got this from a guru a few days ago:

"Who are you getting advice from, Wendell?

The reason I ask is because I know a lot of real estate
investors run to Google every time they have a question.

Inevitably they're led to some random real estate forum
where every newbie investor on earth thinks they're the
friggin Einstein of house flipping. "The blind leading
the blind" would be a pretty good analogy."

And then this guru went on to promote his forum where other gurus hang out who provide better real estate information. Unbelievable!

I don't know if this guru is indeed bashing BP but I do know this:

1. I know some of the people that BP featured in the podcast - and they are for real. They do deals everyday. I don't know about these gurus. Part of the reason why some of them are gurus is because they don't make enough money in real estate investing and they have to get income from selling their courses.

2. I've done business with several BP members and they appreciate what they learn from BP (these folks are smart and they are "closers"); and lastly,

3. Even with my 10 years experience, I am learning new stuff on BP everyday. Things that I can actually use to make more money. To learn from these gurus, you have to shell out money and you don't even know if the information is any good. At least in BP, you have to go through the info and ask the tough questions to see if the one providing the info knows their stuff. And you don't have to pay for it.

What about you? What's your experience with BP? Have you learned more from BP than these gurus or do you think these gurus still deserve to get paid? 

Well if they didnt specifically state BP then they were not bashing BP.  Also, why not list who the " guru " is?  

Most of the real ones most likely have achieved a great deal of success in order to get to a point where they can promote their brand and sell products.

Their techniques can work and its much cheaper to buy materials from them then say a celebrity guru like anyone from Flip this House. 

Good luck

I love BP! As I like to say in the "intro forum". The only thing we all agree on is "real estate" beyond that everyone's success and niche is as varied and different as the sun and moon;) 

The great thing about this site is everyone here is to pay it foreword and connect. While money is obviously made through such friendship, that is just a by product and not the main motive ;)

I am finding success does not occur without criticism. While there is one 1 hater to every 20 likes, the dissenter is almost always the loudest  ;)

Be an educated consumer, form your own opinions, and be open to new ideas. You'll find that sky's your limit regarding success!

Welcome to BP. 

Biggerpockets is one of the best platform that I have come across. I am not only an investor, but also a licensed broker. I would the first one to admit that I have learned so much on this platform. Especial thanks to   @Joshua Dorkin and @Brandon Turner because they have worked very hard to make this platform where people from all sorts of life could come in learn, teach and share experiences, etc. 

It's amazing as much as this platform is so valuable, it's enormously economical to join it, for example, for as little as $9 a month, you could avail so many things at this place including networking, investment calumniators, free spreadsheets, etc. Did I forget you could get some of the stuff without paying a penny? Yes, membership is free so you could see if it works for you before you join and if you pay yearly, you save even more. 

And NO Josh or Brandon did NOT pay me to place this post................LOL. 

Last but not least, before I joined BP, I had a hard time analyzing price, but thanks to BP, especially Brandon's 2% rule / 50% rule, I was able to invest wisely. Keep in mind do a complete analysis before deciding to buy a property. 

Keep investing.

Ahaha, I found BP because I was Googling for something. When I saw what was here I became a Pro right away and I never do that sort of thing. The information I have utilized on this site has literally saved me a few grand this year. The only draw back is at first my wife thought I had some sort of text buddy. Nope, was just BP.....I pull it up all the time on the iPhone.

Disclosure: I'm the founder of BiggerPockets

If the guru is bashing BiggerPockets, then we're doing something right.

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