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Ive been recommended Ron Legrands ACTS course and just had some questions on it. How different is it from a subject to or lease option deals? I can seem to find where to purchase the course, on his website hee has many other courses but nothing listed for the ACTS course. I seen he has a 5 hr webinar training, but not sure if this was the only method this training is done?  can someone point me to where I can find it.

I read that thread but didn't get the info I was looking for. Specifically the difference of a subject to or lease option compared to an ACTS deal. And where to actually find the course to purchase.

A subject to deal is one where the seller gives you the deed to the property but you are NOT getting a new loan on it...Hence You are buying the property "Subject To" the existing mortgage.

A Lease Option, you are basically giving them a short (usually 1-3 years) rental term and then they have the OPTION to buy at the end of the term.

ACTS deals are terms deals: CFDs, lease options when buying-controlling, sub2, installment sales

Exit is usually lease w option

He just names it ACTs to brand it.

ACTS deals are not CFD, or Installment sale deals or sandwhich lease options.

They are lease options where you assign the lease option you have with a tenant buyer back to the original seller and you are out of it.

So your profit center is just the fee you collect from the buyer

@David Jimenez  

If you listen to his videos, he advises on 

1. lease option assignments (get out of the deal), and get licensed because you are brokering.

2. lease option sandwiches and assign your deal back to the seller.

3. Terms deals - buying on terms.

My local REIA group is hosting an all day couse with Ron Legrands. It is priced around $100 per person. I am sure there will be a call to action at the end of it to join a more in depth course. I would only be interested in the 1 day event and am wondering if it is worth the investment. Has anyone reading this been to one or is familiar with the content?

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