Hello awesome Bigger Pockets people!!! Need help for my exam

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I am currently in the process for studying for my Louisiana realtor exam but am short on time do to my current job. I am able to listen to my I pod all day though and was wondering if there were any audio files are books that can help me for my test even if its the national test?

You  look at RE text books on Amazon, I believe some have audio books. If they aren't specifically for LA, then you can still study the basics as that will be the same nationally, but when it gets to LA law and the RE commission, you need to fast forward. General contract law is the same. Hopefully, there will be a LA specific book on Amazon. :)

Hi @Cole Phillips  

Welcome to BP! Check out Donaldson Educational services. They have a exam prep course that could help. See here - http://www.donaldsoneducation.com/html/001REA_license_prep_review_20061201173703.php?subject=1

Exam Smart for State of Louisiana this is a CD pop it in your Mac/PC take test over and over until you are ready Price 49.00

When I studied for the MA exam, I used the website: nightbeforetheexam.com.  Was a great resource for me, and I did not struggle on any questions during the exam.

@Cole Phillips  welcome to BP!  I took a live class for my pre-licensing training and the tests (state & national) were a breeze.  I don't know if it has to do with learning styles or what, but the "nightbeforetheexam" was recommended to me and it only shook my confidence.  I was told, "if you get over 70% on it, you will have no problem with the real test."  Well, I never got 70% on it and it made me think I wasn't really ready for the exam, but I passed both on my first attempt.  Needless to say, I have a negative opinion of it.

The national part of the exam was really a breeze.  The state exam was just a little goofy on the wording of the questions that made the answers less clear.  But it still wasn't that hard.  Best of luck to you.  I never used or heard of any audio test preparation material.

Thanks for all the help guys!!!!

@ Ed Mosley Exam smart was just what i wanted!!!!!! But you need a pic man i thought you were just another sales man selling a crummy product!lol

@ Mr.Robert thanks for the advice the last thing i need is to take a test fake rest in just get to discouraged from it!

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