Up to Date REI Book suggestions?

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Does anyone have any book recommendations on real estate investing? Something that is up to date with current market conditions? I know that the market is constantly changing, I just want to make sure what I am reading is relevant to the times. 

Appreciate it! 


Read 10X by Grant Cardone

Disclosure: I'm a real estate agent at Keller Williams

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent - Gary Keller

It may not be market specific, but it is a great book to frame the mind for real estate investing. 

The book on flipping houses by  J Scott.           No or low money down by Brandon Turner

Investing in duplexes, triplexes & quads. By Larry Loftus

I just self-published a book called Riding the Bubble.  It is my diary including notes from finding my first flip, raising capital, buying tax certs, growing to buying an office building, college rentals, land subdivision, vacation rentals and development of 193 unit apartment complex.  It is not a how to get rich but a how to accumulate wealthy over 5-10 years.  I'm completely forthcoming with my financial net worth statements throughout the book.  I'll tell you what - if it doesn't give you the $10 (kindle price on Amazon) of information for the book - I'll personally send you a check. Look for it on Amazon - you can read the first few chapters for free.

@Dr. Scott Benjamin I will be checking it out. Congratulations on self publishing. I've done five books already (not in real estate) and it is such a great feeling.

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@Brittany Villamil

I don't have long history of investing, but I have read many books about RE investment.

In my opinion, economic environment changes and market goes up and down, but principles of real estate investment and investment overall don't change much. Some classic books written in decades ago may make more sense from this perspectives, and they are around because they have been proven.

Another thing I find is if you read books written in different times, you can second hand experience of complete real estate cycles. Some are written when the market is high and things are writers are very optimistic, others are written when every one is pessimistic, and there are also those written in between. Seeing all these will definitely help get through the whole real estate investment career if you plan to do it long term.

With that said. There are things that should keep updated for sure, such as regulations, technology, trend in development so you can grasp where the industry is going.

At the end, I think The Millionaire Real Estate is a must read.

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