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Can you provide the basic steps to getting started. I have notice several properties in my area that are empty (i.e: mail pile up, un-plow driveways, etc..) As I drive to and from work. How do I go about finding who the owners are, the cost, how can I purchase these properties with no money down.  How to do deals, write offers, find the cost to repair if need.  

I signed up with an investor online class, but then I remembered I had your site, which is far less than what this person is asking.  

Can you look up the tax records to see who owns the property?

If the mailing address is different than the physical address, it may be an absentee landlord.

Try reaching out to them with yellow letters or postcards.

You could also try talking to the neighbors.

Hi @Paulette Smithwrick,

A great place to start is in the Free How-to Guides section of BP.  There is a wealth of beginner information in there and I would highly recommend reading through as much as you can before paying for a class. You can access it under the "Learn" tab at the top of the page of you can start with this link http://www.biggerpockets.com/real-estate-investing

As far as finding owners of properties in your neighborhood, you can try an internet search for your local property assessment office.  Many have tax records available online with the owners name and address. I decided to do a search on my own and this site might be of help. http://publicrecords.onlinesearches.com/view/slid/...

I hope that helps,  Craig

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