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I recently at ended the 3 day summit and opted out of the mastery program due to the cost but I was contacted for the Jumpstart program has n e ever heard of this because I can't find anything on line about it or any success stories or failures. The cost of it iS 5k and I don't wanna spend that kind of money with out gettng additional info. 

@Samantha Bradshaw  save your money,there is no fast way into this biz by buying in,you found the best site around to learn this biz,read,listen to podcasts,ask questions and most of all be patient 

every single guru going today makes promises,if you are not willing to do the work you will not make a dime.

take 5000 learn your market and start marketing,go to reia meeting,talk to realtors and other investors

good luck,if i can do this biz anyone can 

i have been to all the seminars from FB to ARMANDO to SCOTT YANCEY 

if you can learn something from the free seminar they offer then give that a shot but never buy into the programs

use the money to market 

@Samantha Bradshaw  Here's a simple action plan that pretty much guarantees you a deal.  Take that 5,000 and split it up as follows.

3,500 in yellow letter postcards or yellows letters for 7 months.  So, you're going to spend 500 per month on direct mail over a 7 month period.

Take 300 and go buy you some bandit signs.

You can save the rest.

My partner and mentor has told me many a time, take the 5 or 10 grand and put it into your first deal. There are lots of experts out there that will work with you for next to nothing, or nothing at all, you know. I'm not saying you can't learn anything valuable in those courses, I'm sure you can. But there are cheaper and better ways to break into real estate investing than guru classes. 

I need a mentor some one who has been n the game and knows what their doing the feeling of being alone scares me. I need someone I can call or ask questions . That's the only reason I wanted this program but I areas that in the housing market n my area there is forclosuresame for around 6k . I need help locating private money lenders. 

Do a quick search on for local real estate groups.  Go to them all.

Do a quick search for nearby users here on Biggerpockets, connect with them and ask them to sit down with you. 

Ask questions.  Listen intently and carefully.

Agreed troy. Let me tell you, I have failed in RE in the past, back in the day when I was trying to do it in my own. I am not ashamed to admit I failed. It taught me what NOT to do. Finding an expert to guide you is what it is all about. If I can succeed in RE in TX after the failure I had in VA, anyone can.

@Samantha Bradshaw  

  call local RE brokers offer to work on a deal by deal basis... study and get your RE license Join a team of brokers.. you will earn while you learn and your not all on your own.

trying to break into RE by wholesaling etc etc is a 1 in a 100 shot at best for most people. A RE license and career is something you can work into and get paid to do it.

Thanks for all the advice ! I gotta get started somehwere my goal in 5 years is to move my family to coast so I'm hoping aND praying I can make this work ! I wanted to wholesale first while Im working on getting my RE liscense but like I said previously it's harder than what it should be to find private money lenders finding motivated sellers isn't my problem at all.

Save the cash. Put it into a RE license. 

You can earn income, network with experienced professional & gain knowledge all at one time.

James I known ur not n my area but would u mind working with me and allowing me to email u when I need help or have questions ?

@Samantha Bradshaw  While I am neither in your area, you can call or email me, I would be glad to help. Though I echo everyone else SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR A DEAL, or marketing. 

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@Samantha Bradshaw  BP has everything you need to learn.  People on here are more than willing to answer your questions.  Do like I did and invest a small amount of money into marketing.  Maybe $1,000 then see if you enjoy screening sellers, and making offers. 

110% true! Do NOT give those clowns a penny. Research,research, and research...and my favorite here at BPD, listen to ALL the podcasts'

 I'm so happy I found BP before investing in FB. I went to the 3 day seminar but didnt sign up and now they are calling me almost everyday to get me to invest in a lower cost program that is still a pretty penny. I'm sure it can help a lot of people and if you signed up for it the investment cost gives you an incentive to follow through but I felt that the investment would better be used to assist in funding my first investment property. Thanks to Bigger Pockets for giving me the information for a fraction of the cost.

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