Best Place to Learn the Lingo and Concepts of REI?

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I'm reading the first book that was recommended to me when I signed up.

1. Get of my duff    CHECK +

2. Committed   CHECK +

3. Start Participating CHECK +

4. Learn the Lingo ____   Best place to study? Best resource?

5. Learn the Concepts ____ Best place to study? Best resource?

6. Watch Others ____ Anyone in Maryland, more specifically close to Annapolis that I can learn from who is looking for someone focused on become successful in REI (I am partnered in a company, but the partner lives 2 hours away)?

Listen to the podcast. They recommend books to read at the end of every episode. read those!

Hi Mike, I would suggest "The ABC's Of Real Estate Investing" Ken McElroy, "Hold" Steve Chader and others, "Flip" Villani & Davis and, of course, "The Begginers Guide to REI" Josh & Brandon BP, "The Book On Flipping Houses" J Scott, "The Book On Investing In RE with No and Low Money Down" Brandon Turner. All very good. Good luck!

Thanks! I really appreciate everythingyou guys have to offer. You have a blessed night Kyle and Andraise!

You can order "The Language of Real Estate" by John Reilly on Amazon for around $5.  Its basically a dictionary but goes more in depth with certain concepts.  

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