Best Place to Learn the Lingo and Concepts of REI?

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I'm reading the first book that was recommended to me when I signed up.

1. Get of my duff    CHECK +

2. Committed   CHECK +

3. Start Participating CHECK +

4. Learn the Lingo ____   Best place to study? Best resource?

5. Learn the Concepts ____ Best place to study? Best resource?

6. Watch Others ____ Anyone in Maryland, more specifically close to Annapolis that I can learn from who is looking for someone focused on become successful in REI (I am partnered in a company, but the partner lives 2 hours away)?

Listen to the podcast. They recommend books to read at the end of every episode. read those!

Hi Mike, I would suggest "The ABC's Of Real Estate Investing" Ken McElroy, "Hold" Steve Chader and others, "Flip" Villani & Davis and, of course, "The Begginers Guide to REI" Josh & Brandon BP, "The Book On Flipping Houses" J Scott, "The Book On Investing In RE with No and Low Money Down" Brandon Turner. All very good. Good luck!

Thanks! I really appreciate everythingyou guys have to offer. You have a blessed night Kyle and Andraise!

You can order "The Language of Real Estate" by John Reilly on Amazon for around $5.  Its basically a dictionary but goes more in depth with certain concepts.  

Here's a list of the real estate abbreviations you'll run across . . . otherwise, as others have suggested, our Beginner's Guide has most of the basic concepts you'll want to know. Beyond that, anything you'd ever want to know about REI can be found here on BiggerPockets and you can't find it, just ask . . .

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