Alan Cowgill's Real Estate Management Made Easy System

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Hey all, I don't know much about this Cowgill guy, so hopefully you can help. I found this course on ebay and wondered what you all thought about this guy and his system? I do believe that having a system is critical to the success of any business, but don't know if this system is worth the investment. But I am tempted. What do you all think?

Here is the ebay link


I too would like to know. I saw him at a real estate conference in grand rapids, but wanted to do my homework first.

Personally I would save your money and spend it on marketing instead.  Listen to BP episodes and learn most of what you need to know from there and then speak with local investors to fill in any gaps. Listen at x1.5 sapped to crank through the 111 episodes!   

A lot of the forms that you buy can also be purchased through your local REI group at a fraction of the cost.

If you want to buy the course, take my old Dean Graciosi course for half the price! :)

Alan Cowgill doesn't have a lot of credibility with me. He is know for his private lending leaning programs. however He was slapped by the SEC for what he was doing (which is what he was teaching)  He then started to include SEC compliance with his private lending info and it was pretty bad. 

Maybe he has learned but Not someone I would be looking to. Lots of GURUs talk about a "System" for your REI business but few actually provide a turn key system like they promise.

My guess is you could learn something from this. I have bought a LOT of programs in the past. But he will teach you nothing that you can't learn elsewhere. There are a ton of programs for sale on eBay. I certainly wouldn't pay that kind or price for an REI program on eBay when so many programs are available for much less.

I too purchased Alan Cowgill's private lending basics myself. I found his information somewhat useful about how to build a credibility kit. (Though I haven't actually tried it in the real world.)  the rest I found way too confusing to understand. I agree with @Ned Carey there are better (and cheaper) resources you could probably find I would start with the resources that are on here.

@Ned Carey I purchased his program last July (before I found BP) and you are right he talks quite a bit about the rules and regulations around private lending and the SEC.

I just recently met him in person, and found it very interesting to hear what he had explained in regards to private lending, yet when the talk was over, which was at a group meeting, he offered his system at a lowered price of $997 for that day only, yeah that was kind of high for me.

although, I will be attending a workshop that he will be presenting this Saturday, I was am interested in what he will teach there.

I'll post whatever I can learn after the workshop is over. It's more curiosity then anything else. But, I definitely will be careful on getting into something I don't yet fully understand.

I attended a seminar of Alan Cowhill on yesterday sponsored by one of the local REIA's in my area. I purchased the course for $997, but I am thinking of returning it.

I am a newbie investor who is trying to learn the crucial piece on how to my deals without using traditional methods like banks and hard money lenders. I did learned some ways from the class on how to find private money and some of the rules associated with the techniques used. What made me purchase the course was the credibility piece and the slides to present to potential lenders. 

Most of the time it was a hook and ladder session where it was more centered on giving just enough information to get you enticed to buy the program. I do believe that Alan has a genuine heart to help and provide information he has learned over the years. I hope that this proves to be a wise investment. I'll let you know what I discover and how well it actually works. 

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