Good Ebooks or Downloadable DVD's/Webinars for REI?

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Looking for very informational and useful for someone young right out of college, looking to build wealth, invest, work for myself, etc.

Thanks in advanced!

Welcome to BP @Brandon Monaghan  

You really should have a high-level overview of what real estate investing entails and what options are available to you. It's a bit dated but Carlton Sheets CD set How to Buy Your First Home or Investment Property with No Down Payment: 12 CD Audio Course is a reasonable 15,000 foot view of how all this works. It can be had on Amazon for around $5.

Another really good resource is the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast. The first 20 or so episodes are more or less a step-by-step guide to getting started. Go look it up on iTunes and take a lot of notes.

Once you have a high level overview and have a sense of what kind of investing options work best for your specific situation go find the different Bigger Pockets episodes that cover those options in depth and take even more notes.

Once you have an understanding of the processes involved take the plunge. 

@Jeff G.  thank you very much for the advice and insight, I will check them out for sure!

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