What real estate book/s have you read and would highly recommend?

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What kind of real estate book/s did you find very helpful? Do you follow writings and published books of a particular writer and see to it that you get one? If so, who is that writer? Why would you recommend the book/writer?

Not sure if it's a beginner book but I just finished bp's own @David Krulac "How I started with nothing and made 12 million in real estate part-time."

Awesome read from someone who has been in the game and is not selling you bs. 

Great book with case studies, check it out when you get a chance. 

J Scott's book, "The book on Flipping Houses" is a good book related to Flipping houses, George S Clason's "The Richest Man in Babylon" was an interesting look at real estate and wealth building for me as well. 

If you listen to the Pod casts, at the end of each episode the person they interview gives their favorite real estate and favorite business book. I make a list of the ones that I hear about multiple times and put them on my purchase list.

@Toyin Dawodu 

The one thing.      not real estate but keeps you focused. 

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow... And 36 Other Key Financial Measures By frank gallinelli.  You gotta understand the numbers.

Pitch Anything by Oren klaff though I haven't read this one yet i am about to. It teaches negotiation. It seems very interesting. Basically you get them thinking that they need you, Instead of you asking for something and you being the needy one.

I will also echo Travis's podcast suggestion. 

I don't think it's been updated in awhile but here is a list a BP member put together of all the books that were suggested during the podcasts and how many times they were mentioned.

Podcast Book Recommendations

Great reads for real estate books; 

John Schaub: Making it big on Little Deals

Non Real Estate:   Bob Proctor/ you were born rich  

Michael Gerber :  Emyth Revisited

Originally posted by @Travis Boyer :

George S Clason's "The Richest Man in Babylon" was an interesting look at real estate and wealth building for me as well. 

 This is probably my favorite book (audio) of all time. I love the lessons it teaches and it keeps you engaged because it's told in a story form. I listen to most on audio and I find some of the other books lose my attention when they start going into numbers and calculations. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting the audiobook and for whatever reason it's only $2.79 on audible so it's definitely worth it.

@Toyin Dawodu The book "be a real estate millionaire" by D e a n G r a z i o s i  

is a good book and lays it out there pretty well. Covers investing front to back and everything in-between. I think anyone could read this book and do well in real estate with some basic knowledge of how things work before reading it.

Disclosure: I own the website The Magic of Real Estate.

I am working on my book as we speak. It should be out in Spring. Its called "The Magic of Real Estate"  It chronicles how I bought and sold over 400 houses starting with $298.00

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