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Hello I'm new to this and very excited to get started, but I want to know opinions of the best way to proceed.  I signed up for the Scott Yancey thing and attended the first 2 days of the 3 day weekend.  I soon found out that they wanted a big investment to teach me how to be an investor, but I could see they were using all the tricks in the book and lots of pressure to get people to drop 30K to attend their investment summit in Las Vegas.  Has anyone gone through this Summit and or are there any advantages in doing this?  Can I get the same guidance through Bigger Pockets?

@Cynthia Rathbone  

welcome to the site. Save your money you do not need to attend the expensive guru seminars. All of the information & more can be found here on the site.

My group attended a Guru seminar recently, take a look at the forum I started about our experience HERE I think you will find the content in the forum interesting. 

@Cynthia Rathbone  

  bigger pockets is generally anti guru... If you do not want to work your way up in the business and want to pay for instant success, then you may want to look for more of one on one type of paid mentors... these free for all guru events are full of information but very hard to cram what would take you years to learn into a 3 day weekend.

BP has a bunch of regular investors that share their investing theories and stories and some of this may help you and its free.. really depends on your learning style... Me personally I have no patience to listen to pod cast or that type of thing I am one who needs to learn by doing...

So for me doing was to get my RE license and start to sell real estate learn there then moved into investing once I understood what investing was.. and I made money while I was learning..

Much of what is talked about on BP and by Guru's is all the generally revolves around buying a SFR low and selling it high... in whatever form you can do it.. nothing magical about that thought process.

The big issue is were are you financially to step into investor roll you need funds.. If you have no funds you need money partners..

You can buy old Carleton sheets course's or any other guru course for pennies start reading there and some of the RE books you can get at the library..

You can troll around BP you will get 17 answers to each question.. so it or many not help you

Thank you both for your advice.  The guru course emphasizes that you have a $750K letter to back up every sale so that you can secure the sale.  Essentially secure the property. Is this truly possible? 

@Cynthia Rathbone  Everything the gurus teach you will be found on Bigger Pockets. If you're worried about getting a $750k prequal letter, any hard money lender can provide you with something similar. Read the guides here on BP and use your 30k on an actual purchase.

Hello:    I am a reporter for who is working on a story about home flipping seminars like one that Yancey offers.  Would you be interested in speaking with me?  Jonathan Berr

Originally posted by @Jonathan Berr :

Hello:    I am a reporter for who is working on a story about home flipping seminars like one that Yancey offers.  Would you be interested in speaking with me?  Jonathan Berr

 Did you ever finish the story about these seminars?

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